Where to break the Seven Deadly Sins in Galway

Where to break the Seven Deadly Sins in Galway

When it comes to holidaying in Galway, we want you to be able to let your hair down and not worry about that angel on your shoulder, so here are the top ways to have some fun and commit some deadly sins in Galway.

Sloth: Doze away the Day
Who doesn’t love a good lie-in and days of doing nothing in bed? In Galway comfort is of the highest importance and we believe that you deserve to indulge in a bit of laziness so put your feet up and relax. Spoil yourself at Galway’s the g Hotel and book one of their phenomenal spa packages to enjoy uninterrupted time in luxury. For a getaway from all the buzz, Glenlo Abbey Hotel offers its visitors an ultimate escape. With everything you need right at your fingertips, your stay at Glenlo Abbey Hotel is sure to be extraordinary. Enter into a world of complete leisure at The Galmont Hotel & Spa where your every need will be looked after. Holidays are all about relaxing and the team at The Galmont will ensure you receive top care. Adapt the carefree lifestyle of a king or queen at Abbeyglen Castle Hotel and wake up every morning in a gorgeous four poster bed alongside an open fireplace and free-standing claw-foot bath - doesn’t it all sound like absolute bliss?

Wrath: Fight off a Seagull
When in Galway do as the Galwegians and attempt to fight off a seagull or two while you’re trying to enjoy a peaceful al fresco meal on Eyre Square. All you have to do is sit down with your meal of choice in the lovely surroundings of the city’s green and let the fight come to you. Trust us you won’t be waiting long… (Locals: if you’re reading this, please chime off in the comments with your top tips & tricks for getting rid of the gulls. We need some help).

Pride: Some (friendly!) Competition
Nothing compares to that feeling when you are victorious over your friends and claim that sweet 1st place spot - I mean who can’t help but feel a bit prideful when you see your name shoot to the top of the leaderboard? If you want to give it a go and partake in a bit of showing off, these Galway spots are for you! At Pure Skill, enjoy a true test of talents and go head to head with your friend in their famous circuit of 10 various sporting challenges and see who ends up with the most points out of 100. If speed is your thang, Galway City Karting is the perfect spot for you to zoom your way to bragging rights. Your laps around the track will each be professionally timed so if you think you have what it takes to be crowned fastest driver and break some records, get on over to Galway City Karting and prove it. No matter if you want to lead a team or compete individually, Wildlands has something to bring out the competitiveness in everyone. Their 24 fun-filled Celtic challenge rooms test brain, brawn and skills, alternatively test your physical fitness on their ninja course and climb, balance and jump  your way past obstacles like a pro ninja warrior.

Lust: Get your Freak on.. 
In Galway, all you really need to do is a bit of plámásing and before you know it they’ll be asking you for the shift. If you’re after the best smooch of your life, you’ve come to the right place as The City of Tribes is filled with some of the best shifting spots around, tap here to discover where you need to be to do the deed. Alternatively, if you plan on staying in for the night, regardless of whether you want to batter your own sausage or somebody else’s, Laura Jane Adult Boutique has everything you need to spice up your night.

Gluttony: Treat yourself to some deliciousness
There is an abundance of flavours to be tasted on the menus of Galway’s many bars, cafés and restaurants so get on out there and treat your taste buds. Sweet, sour, spicy, salty or savoury no matter what is your preference, Galway has them all. Whether you fancy a burger, pizza, some fresh seafood, tapas or some Asian street food, there are so many fabulous foodie spots to choose from. It’s high time you snack yourself into oblivion in Galway so find your next meal here.


Greed: Gifts Galore 
Empty your wallets and fill some shopping bags with a plethora of gifts bought specifically with you in mind. There’s no such thing as too many nice things so give yourself all the presents you know you deserve at these lovely Galway stores. Shopping sprees are undoubtedly one of the nicest ways to treat yourself and we guarantee you leave each store with a smile on your face and a bag of goodies in hand. Discover all the best places to spend some money on you, right here.

Envy: A bit of Beautification 
Become the talk of the town and have heads turning at these Galway beauty salons. Let the experts do their thing and leave your looks in their capable hands, you’ll be looking your best in no time. Offering tanning, laser hair removal, eyebrow tint and shape, lash lifts, nails, ear piercing and a whole lot more, upgrade your appearance here. Don’t let the pampering stop there and treat your hair to a bit of TLC. Book in for a gorgeous new hairdo at one of Galway’s top hairdressing salons and let the transformation begin. From dramatic waves to sensations pops of colour, get the look you’ve always wanted here. The true cherry on top of every show stopping look is a flashy bit of bling. Whether you prefer just a little bit of sparkle or a dazzling gem, Galway jewellers have everything you need to attract all the attention - shop your new eye-catching piece of jewellery here.


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