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GALWAY has so many stories to tell

Having found your favourite spots to see on your next visit to Galway, it’s time to put the wheels in motion. Share your discoveries with your friends and family, get booking and prepare for an incredibly memorable trip.

Save This For a Sunny Day in Galway


Believe it or not, we do get a few sunny days in Galway every year! If you are confused with the weather mix up when the sun shines through the clouds, then we have the perfect nice weather activities for you to follow....

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Sleep out for Simon in Galway this October


Galway Simon Community invites everyone – individuals, families, schools, companies and clubs – to give up their bed for one night, on Friday 6th October, to change the lives of those facing homelessness in Galway! Find out more here......

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How to enjoy the perfect Summer BBQ in Galway 2023

Blue skies and sunshine mean one thing and one thing only – it’s time to enjoy a barbeque in Galway. Mouth-watering meat, colourful salads and a bitta booze are the key ingredients to creating a successful Irish barbeque, so whether ...

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