“Do Anything” fostering creativity and expression on Inis Oírr

“Do Anything” fostering creativity and expression on Inis Oírr

How “Do Anything” encouraged students on Inis Oírr to reach beyond, and nurture their innate creativity…

This year, students from Coláiste Ghobnait secondary school on Inis Oírr collaborated with “Do Anything,” an educational programme from “Drop Everything,” to create a temporary pavilion for themselves, and the community. After four months of dedicated hard work, these students have made a huge impact on the community. Not only that but they have seen first-hand the fruit of their labour! This project helped to nurture their creative talents, as well as foster a safe and welcoming space for students in their community, something that is integral in this day and age.
Inis Oirr do anything construction
As a part of this project, students were given the chance to participate in a week-long programme dedicated to learning more about programming and producing events in the pavilion. Through this Creative Education Programme, the students were able to hear first hand from professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs from a range of industries. The students were also introduced to a range of creatives, and participated in masterclasses! Fueled by discussions led by musicians, theatre makers, producers, entrepreneurs, graphic designers, set designers, music producers, illustrators and writers, (to name a few) they learned more about engaging with art and the world around them.
Musicians such as Sorcha Richardson and Saint Sister’s Morgana, theatre maker James Riordan of Brú Theatre, Craig Flaherty senior producer at the Abbey Theatre and lighting designer and artist Kev Freeney were just a handful of the people who were able to connect with these students and teach them more about the arts and its vitality.

Alannah Dunford spoke to us about this TY initiative and its importance on Inis Oírr. “If you’re given this space to be creative, something really good can come from it.” With just around 300 residents on Inis Oírr, there is a deep hunger to showcase art and music, as well as foster a sense of community. Alannah told us how vital something like “Do Anything” is to the community. When there is this desire for an expressional outlet, incredible things can come from the efforts to create. As students grow into the people they are meant to be, having a foundation based in expression and opportunity will only nurture that journey.

This design and build programme had students involved in every step of the process, allowing them to see the creation of the pavilion right before their eyes. Once the pavilion was built, the discussions with musicians and professionals gave their keen insight into creative ways to use the space. This gave the students the ability to see the end result of their own work, with insightful guidance along the way.

Drop Everything is a contemporary arts and culture organisation based on the island of Inis Oírr. When Mary Nally, founder of “Drop Everything,” Launched “Do Anything” in 2018, her goal for this educational programme was to inspire Ireland's future thinkers, creators, makers and doers. By designing programmes and initiatives that nurture this creativity in students and young people, she has opened doors and opportunities for these students.

The pavilion is still up on Inis Oírr, and continues to facilitate a creative and integral space for the students of Coláiste Ghobnait, and the community of Inis Oírr.

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