A Community Based Coffee Shop Experience at Brazco Coffee Academy
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A Community Based Coffee Shop Experience at Brazco Coffee Academy

Merging coffee and communication into a cosy community orientated coffee shop has always been the key principle of Brazco Coffee Academy and almost 18 years later they are still driven by these same core values.

With five locations at; Main Street, Oranmore, Carraig Lair S.C. Oranmore, GAA Club, Oranmore, Francis Street, Galway city and Leisureland, Salthill, Brazco Coffee Academy continues to be a place for people to come together to enjoy each other’s company over delicious coffee and food.

Speaking to its owner Linda Lydon, she gave us an insight into how Brazco Coffee Academy grew into the beloved coffee shops you’ll see today. Opening the doors of the first location in 2006 at Main St Oranmore. Linda, realising the full extent of what she had taken on, she engaged the help of her mom, talented chef, Maureen. Her mom, while initially agreeing to help out with Brazco for one year max, grew to love it and is still a co-owner 17 years later. From this moment, Brazco Coffee Academy took flight under the guidance of this mother and daughter team, and attracted many local clientele who have been both loyal supporters of Brazco and a vital part of getting them to where they are today. Their second Oranmore location soon followed the first, and a third, and more recently their coffee kiosk at Leisureland, Salthill and Café at Francis St, Galway city. Keeping in line with what Linda had dreamt for Brazco Coffee Academy when they first opened their doors, these locations all provide a retreat from day-to-day life where people can savour delicious coffee, and chat with family and friends.

For Linda, the two most important things that Brazco Coffee Academy could offer their customers are: coffee and communication. “Communication is a big one, I don’t think many people realise how much that counts. It’s part of being a barista, it’s more than just the coffee. You need to follow through and look after your customer, this customer care element often gets forgotten or diluted and that’s a shame because it is crucial to the overall experience.” Linda explains her love for what she does is found in those interactions with people coming into her store, saying; “I love when customers tell me about the connections they have made in our shops. Whether a Brazco visit leads to new or renewed friendships,  businesses, love connections, or even some peaceful time alone surrounded by the buzz of connection it is an integral part of what we set out to create.” 

In addition to being a space for people to come and chat together over coffee and food, every Brazco Coffee Academy location features art exhibitions which change monthly and offer artists a space to showcase their work. As an art college dropout, with firsthand experience of the struggles of making it as an artist, Linda wanted to offer a platform into the often unforgiving Art world. “We love that our walls are ever changing and filled with up and coming talent. We don’t charge commission on exhibition sales. It is just a little something for budding artists to get a start, or expand their audience.” Linda tells us; “Sometimes we have exhibitions from established artists and sometimes it will be an artists’ first exhibition and we love both.”  Brazco often run events at their Carraig Lair locations. To enquire about events contact them by email at brazcocoffeeacademy@gmail.com. Stay up-to-date on Brazco Coffee Academy’s latest happenings by giving them a following on Facebook and Instagram.

Always eager to share her passion with others and to return the support that she has received from others over the years. Through Brazco Coffee Academy, Linda is continuing to provide people with the first step into the world of art and also coffee. This July, Linda is launching  introductory Barista Courses at the Francis Street location. These courses offer a unique opportunity for anyone curious about coffee and interested in finding a career in it. If you are interested in learning more about these courses tap here, and if you’re not sure if the course is right for you don’t be afraid to contact them with any queries you may have. Upon completion of the course, participants will also receive a discount to progress their coffee education at Galway Barista School.

The next time you are passing by one of the Brazco Coffee Academy coffee shops, call in and experience one of the warmest coffee experiences available on the West Coast. Serving the Irish hand-roasted Java Republic coffee, homemade baked goods from their own bakery, delicious brunch options and a friendly, homely atmosphere. There’s always a cup at Brazco Coffee Academy with your name on it, so remember to pop in and enjoy the full Brazco experience for yourself.

above: photo by Miriam Jennings, courtesy of Brazco Coffee Academy

For more information on Brazco Coffee Academy, visit their website at; https://brazcocoffee.ie/ or contact them at; brazcocoffeeacademy@gmail.com or 091 792 896.

Photos courtesy of Brazco Coffee Academy, photos by Boyd Challenger. 

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