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Described as “the most feared and hated institution ever established in Ireland”, the story of the Irish Workhouses is not a pleasant one. Today, the haunting aura of the old stone remains serve as a chilling reminder of some of Ireland’s darkest history. Let’s take a step back into the tragic history of The Irish Workhouse Centre and explore the heartbreaking tale of a system that was tied up in shame and embarrassment that spans a period of some 80 years.

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Comhrá : Go With the Flo(ris)

COMHRÁ is a series of chats with the people of Galway. Our city is full of creatives, makers and storytellers, our aim is to highlight some of those talented people.

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A Questionable Comedian: Galway’s Stevo Timothy

“They wouldn’t count me as a stand up comedian because I’m not traditional” — We talked to Stevo Timothy and Sinead, also known as Farmer Michael and Kathleen, about their upcoming stand-up gigs, the Galway comedy scene, and secrets of the Irish psyche.

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