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The Father Ted Quiz

Wednesday Nov 2023 // Entertainment

Test your knowledge on all things Father Ted! See how much you really know about the iconic and fan favourite show. Father Ted Crilly is waiting!

The Galway Slang Quiz #1

Thursday Nov 2023 // Entertainment

Do you think you have what it takes to speak like a Galway local? Do you want to test your own Galway slang? Take this quiz and test your knowledge.

The Irish TV & Film Quiz #2

Friday Jan 2021 // Entertainment

Our Irish TV & Film Quiz is BACK! Part 2 is designed to really test your memory and keep your brain ticking on these long, lockdown days. Let us know how you did...

The Irish TV & Film Quiz

Sunday May 2020 // Entertainment

Put your knowledge to the test with this Irish Film & TV Quiz which puts a spotlight on the storied tradition of Irish filmmaking throughout the last 100 years. Let us know how you did...