Howya? – Padraic Disconaut

Howya? – Padraic Disconaut

We're having the chats with some familiar faces around town. This time it's Padraic Disconaut, aka P Disco, aka soundest head around.

Who are you and what do you do?

I'm P Disco (Padraic O'Connor). I'm a chef at Biteclub Streefood Discotheque and DJ with Galway house collective/flutes Disconauts who's kinda handy at playing other people's records in a row to make you want to dance. Disconauts play regularly (DJ sets or with live percussion and horns) in Blue Note, Electric, Bierhaus and at clubs and festivals around the country and we also run our infamous boat parties and One Night Love Affair soirees.

Where’s your go-to spot for breakfast/brunch?

Hate the word brunch, gives me the heebie jeebies, hate it... no need for it at all. Breakfast or lunch... sound.
Best places in town are the old reliables like Kai and Ard Bia (both top of the game for years; consistency, sensational food, beautiful spaces, great knowledgable staff), Urban Grind (beautiful coffee and food and lovely staff), Biteclub (i'm biased here, obviously. but if you've not been in for our esquites dish on the weekend then get yer ass in pronto!) and really like the food and vibe at Merrow in the Pálás Cinema.

Best pint of Guinness in Galway?

Am more of a blouse man myself but there are many fine establishments in town to taste the goodness of Guinness. "Uptown" my favourites include Hughes Bar in Woodquay, Tigh Choili and Murphy's on High Street (have NEVER had a bad pint in Murphy's!). Neachtains is one of the most beautiful bars in the country, it's an institution; a seat outside Neachtains on a sunny day people watching and suppin' stout is a must. But mainly I like my stout down the west over the bridge in Galway's Westend. The Blue Note and Bierhaus are my favourite boozers and pints/blouses in both establishments are always proper and the music and banter is always top drawer. The Crane Bar pulls a mean pint as do the kind staff in Wards Hotel in Lower Salthill. Actually that'd be a decent pub crawl actually wouldn't it? Woodquay to Wards... into it.

Favourite spot to get away from it all?

Get away from it all? In Galway? It's impossible bobz. It's too small and everyone knows everyone... but that's also the great thing about Galway.

A meat & cheese board and a nice glass or bottle of wine in Sheridan's Wine Bar (above their cheesemongers) is the most beautiful way to while away an hour or two. The laid back vibes, top notch food and cocktails in The Universal are also a very good time. And another lovely place to try and get some peace and quiet is a seat in the garden out the back of Urban Grind. Calm, quiet, good coffee. Obviously. if you really want to get away or run away, then you head out to Connemara. It's wild rugged beauty will give you the hug you need and re-energise you.

Favourite time of year in Galway?

Oh, shiftin' season, obviously. But sure that runs all year round so there's loads to go around for everyone. Galway isn't about a time of year, Galway is all about the people. They are the magic that makes our wonderful town tick. That said, there is one time of year i dislike though. Race week. Race week can do one. Dose of a week.

What’s Galway’s best kept secret?

You mean the one about a friend of a friend of mine being the best shift in Galway? No? Oh.... ok. Well then it's American Village Apothecary and Tasting Rooms on Dominick Street. Claire has created a beautiful environment to get back in touch with the magic of nature. Locally foraged plants and flavours are highlighted in their stunning drinks. They're doing beautiful coffees there too. And staff are knowledgable and friendly, Martin Crosbie and the crew will look after you properly. Do yourself a favour and swing by.