Galway Filmmaker’s ‘Man Vs Ocean’ to Premiere on RTÉ One
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Galway Filmmaker’s ‘Man Vs Ocean’ to Premiere on RTÉ One

In a dramatic tale of endurance and human spirit, "Man v Ocean" is poised to seize the hearts of viewers as it premieres on RTÉ One on December 6th at 9:35pm. This adventure documentary, crafted by a dedicated Galway-based filmmaker - Heavy Man Films, delves deep into the awe-inspiring journey of Damien Browne and Fergus Farrell as they embark on an extraordinary expedition to cross the treacherous North Atlantic Ocean from New York City to Galway.

The hour-long film not only chronicles the harrowing voyage of these two men in their small two-person rowboat but also brings to light the emotional stories of those closest to them. It's a narrative that transcends the physical journey, exploring the sheer potential and resilience of the human mind when pushed beyond its limits.

'Man vs Ocean' is a gripping saga that showcases the raw, unfiltered reality of challenging the might of nature. It's a story where danger lurks at every stroke, and survival is a testament to human tenacity and courage. The documentary captures every heart-stopping moment of this audacious attempt, offering an intimate glimpse into what it truly means to push human capabilities to their absolute edge.

Behind this epic adventure is the passion and vision of a local Galway filmmaker, who believed in the potential of this incredible story from the beginning. Self-funded and driven by a commitment to authentic storytelling, this film is not just a testament to the filmmaker’s dedication but also a beacon of inspiration for dreamers and adventurers everywhere. Galway's Heavy Man Films is committed to bringing to life stories that explore the depths of human experience. Their documentaries focus on real people and their extraordinary stories, connecting audiences with powerful narratives of passion, endurance, and adventure, and this is exactly what you will see on your screens this Tuesday night.

Heavy Man Films' Director and Producer, Tomek Ciezki says; "I'm thrilled to reach out with a story of sheer determination and cinematic passion that unfolded right here in Galway. '112 Days: Man vs Ocean,' a documentary born from unwavering dedication and self-funded efforts, is set to make its grand debut on RTÉ on December 6th at 9.35pm. This film is not just a testament to the human spirit's endurance but also a celebration of local filmmaking at its most tenacious and inspired."

Be ready to be taken on a suspenseful, edge-of-your-seat journey with 'Man vs Ocean'. Witness the unimaginable, feel the tension, and experience the triumph of the human spirit over the vast, unforgiving Atlantic.

All photos courtesy of Heavy Man Films. 

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