Get to Know Comedian Emman Idama

Get to Know Comedian Emman Idama

What happens when you combine charm, zeal and a sixth sense to deliver the perfect punchline at just the right time? Emman Idama – a comedian on the rise. Stand-up comedian Emman Idama is coming to the Róisín Dubh this December to perform his new solo show, ‘No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish.’ We had the opportunity to chat with Emman about his style, inspiration, and his upcoming performance!

Emman moved to Ireland from Nigeria when he was just six years old. He brings deeply personal stories of his upbringing to life through the lens of laughter. His earnest style, insight and engaging personality all add up to a performance to remember.

“When it comes to stand-up, I am a storyteller,” Emman says to me over a conversation on the phone. Articulate and honest, he spends his time on stage connecting with the audience. Here, he draws a landscape of his life with stories of his own experiences. The moments in his life that make him who he is - all intricately woven together through comedy.

"I write about the stuff that goes on in my life..." Since Emman is using such raw and personal material, he knows the importance of putting thought into the weight of his stories. "There are times that I get scared to talk about certain topics. I'm thinking to myself, 'what would my friends think, what would my girlfriend think...' stuff like that. I just keep practicing until I get it right."

His delivery is served with a sense of mindfulness, and a side of quick wit. To Emman, awareness matters. When working on a set, he takes into consideration the impact of his words, and the reflection of who he is in his performances - all the while, putting the effort into cracking the good jokes, and filling the space with laughter.

If you're really in the mood for a good laugh, watch the video below to see Emman's set from 2019 Chortle Student Comedy Final.

Emman is geared up to be performing his new set, 'No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish' at the Róisín this December. "I'm excited [for everyone] to see how good it is. I've been working on this set since 2019... Some of the [material] is quite serious but at the end of the day it's about finding a way to make life light and fun... and interesting as well."

Emman is performing in Galway's Westend at the Róisín Dubh December 17th. Be sure to book your tickets to see firsthand this incredible and hilarious performance, from one of the best!

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