Galway’s Best Mocktails
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Galway’s Best Mocktails

There are countless reasons someone might scan a cocktail menu looking for something delicious and low alcohol, or non-alcoholic all together. Skipping out on the alcohol doesn’t mean you have to miss the night out! Whether you don’t drink at all, are just taking a break, or want to try something new, the bars of Galway have delicious and fun drinks made without the alcohol...

If you need to get up early and are looking for a way to avoid the morning hangover, a mocktail or two could be your saving grace. For an alcohol-free evening in Galway, check out this list of our favourite places to grab a mocktail...

Rúibín Mocktail Galway

Yuzu Margarita at Rúibín

The Yuzu Margarita at Rúibín is one of our picks for the best mocktails around town! The alcohol-free drink is made with Clean & Co Tequila, yuzu, orange juice, lime and chilli salt. Cocktail master Dennis worked with Ciara from behind the bar at Rúibín to create this one and it certainly is a must try! The non-alcoholic cocktail menu at Rúibín changes frequently, and are all definitely worth a taste especially if you are driving, or opting for an evening out without alcohol. Dennis explained to us that they always try to put in the same amount of effort into the non-alcoholic menu and all the ingredients they use in them are homemade.
Check it out at Rúibín Bar, 1 - 3 Docks Rd // find it here

In a Shell at the g Hotel

Let’s all go away for a while. Somewhere warm? Somewhere tropical? We don’t need to pack any bags or cross any borders to reach that feeling. In a Shell from the g Hotel will get you there. With a pineapple and orange juice base, and strawberry puree and a touch of coconut, this is a delicious mocktail that combines all the flavours and feelings of your favourite holiday spot. Wearing suntan lotion while you enjoy? Optional.
Give it a try at the g Hotel, Wellpark, Old Dublin Rd // find it here

An Pucan

A Non-Alcoholic Collins at An Púcán

We know there’s just something special about a classic with a twist. An Púcán knows that too! A Non-Alcoholic Collins has all the flavour of the classic cocktail, and with none of the alcohol. Made with Cedars gin, elderflower cordial, lime, and simple syrup the Collins is on our list for best mocktails of Galway for taking a classic and making it available for anyone and everyone who wants to try.
Check it out at An Púcán, 11 Forster St // find it here

Rose Tinted Glasses at Buddha Bar

In this day and age, we want to bring back romanticization! With your rose tinted glasses on or off, this mocktail is totally worth tasting. A rose water drink with violet syrup and tonic, this elegant and floral non-alcoholic drink can be found at Buddha Bar. Looking at the world through rose tinted glasses has never tasted better.
Try it at Buddha Bar, 14 Mary St // find it here

Lyres Pink London Gin

Pink G&T at Hyde

Pretty in pink and fun to drink! The Pink G&T from Hyde checks all the boxes for a great mocktail; simple, sweet, delicious, and alcohol free. Made with Lyre’s Pink London Spirit and tonic, this is a twist on a refreshing classic. Who doesn’t love a gin and tonic!
Check it out at Hyde, Forster St // find it here

The No-Jito at The Universal

Made with Seedlip White Cane spirit, lime and mint, and topped with tonic, the No-Jito at The Universal is another classic cocktail turned mocktail. Reliable and tasty, this is a perfect drink to order when you're scanning the menu for a non-alcoholic option. Part of the appeal of mocktails lies in the accessibility it grants to any and all who walk into a bar. Steve from The Universal says having the options on the menu makes it easy for someone who isn’t drinking to still be social and feel comfortable.
Give the No-Jito a try at The Universal, 9 William St // find it here


Any way you want it at Caribou

Make the journey over to Caribous where they offer an abundance of alcohol-free substitutions. In the words of assistant manager Yannik, “you can make any of the classics into a mocktail.” Whether you’re in the mood for an alcohol-free daiquiri, mojito, or pornstar martini, Caribous has you covered.
Try these, and more at Caribou, 31, 30 Woodquay // find it here

Bierhaus' Mocktail at Bierhaus

This alcohol-free drink found at Bierhaus is a unique explorative menu item created by the man behind the bar, Markus. Starting with a strawberry and chili shrub base the drink is then balanced out with citrus and simple syrup to fashion out a biting, but irresistibly refreshing mocktail. You won't see this listed on the menu but ask and you shall receive.
Elegantly poured and delicious, try Bierhaus' own inventive mocktail here, 2 Henry St // find it here

Il Vicolo

Sunset Boulevard at Il Vicolo

The day must close with the sun setting and so must our list, because everything is referential. Found in the subterranean barroom of Il Vicolo, this is a beautifully arranged refreshing mocktail, and like any good moment in life, you'll want to savor it. Made with pineapple, hibiscus, lime and topped with ginger beer, Sunset Boulevard is one of five mocktails listed on a special menu curated by Il Vicolo. Enjoy while surrounded by their white wax candles and cool cobblestone walls. Weather permitting enjoy outside on their river view terrace... either way enjoy!
Give it a try at Il Vicolo, The Bridge Mills, Dominick St // find it here

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