The Spice of Life: Galway’s Best Spice Bags
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The Spice of Life: Galway’s Best Spice Bags

They're salty, spicy and a little bit crispy... Spice Bags are a Galway phenomenon - and with good reason! They are full of flavour, filling and just overall delicious, but where can you find the best Spice Bags in Galway? Here are just some of our favourite places to get your hands on this famous Galway delicacy...

Random Fact: The Irish for Spice Bag is mála spíosrach and, since this Asian-inspired dish is incredibly popular in Ireland, maybe we should all start using the Gaeilge?

Xian Street Food

We have no choice but to start out with Galway’s most famous spice bag! Located on Quay Street and with more locations in Tuam and Claregalway, Xian Street Food has been providing Galway with tasty, flavorful food for the best part of a decade. Deliveroo have also named this spice bag as the most ordered Chinese dish in the entire country. Made with 38 spices from China, there is just so much flavour packed inside these bags so if you haven't tried one yet, you simply have to!
Multiple Locations // more here

above: photo courtesy of Xian Street Food

Rè Nao

Overlooking Spanish Arch in the heart of Galway city, Rè Nao have created an absolutely stunning space with a welcoming ambiance, delicious drinks and mouth-watering food. Their spice box is the perfect food for all weathers, whether that's sitting out along the Long Walk on a hot summer's day or a post-pints feed to combat the chill of winter. Rè Nao has also a Bubble Tea menu which is actually a perfect balance to the spiciness of the spice box.
Spanish Arch // more here

Umbrella Asian Tapas

Umbrella Asian Tapas is a fun Asian restaurant that is unique in more ways than one. With umbrellas and colourful birdcages suspended from the ceiling, you’ll feel like you’ve just stepped into an Eastern market… and then there’s the food but more specifically for this list - the spice bag! A combination of the best shredded chicken and chips seasoned with their own special blend of salt and chilli sauce. It's absolutely divine and the perfect choice for takeaway or for sharing with friends.
2 Middle St // more here

Greens & Co

Greens & Co are now offering a fantastic vegetarian and gluten free spice bag and it is every bit as good as it sounds. Their spice bag is made with deep fried salt and chili chips, crispy tofu, red & green peppers, fried onions and sliced chili in their house spice blend! It's currently available on their takeaway menu so it's ideal for lunch or a pre drinks snack.
4 Henry St // more here 

above: photo courtesy of Greens & Co

Lana Asian Street Food

Following on from the success of their Salthill restaurant with the recent opening of a Galway City Centre location, Lana always serves up super fresh and tasty Asian cuisine - and their spice bag is no exception! With the perfect ratio of veg and chicken to fries, and a heap of flavour, it will not disappoint your spice bag dreams. They also offer a veggie option that switches out the chicken for crispy, deep-fried tofu which is just so satisfying. The cherry on top is adding their unreal satay sauce into the mix, it’s absolutely class.
Salthill & Mary St // more here

Burgos Oranmore

It's been making waves in the Galway food scene ever since they first opened their doors Burgos Oranmore needs to be on your radar. Their evening menu  is packed with loads of great tasting dishes, such as their large variety of burgers, salads, double fried chicken wings and of course their spice bag. Made with crispy chicken strips, fries and their house mix, it's worth the visit to Oranmore alone. Be sure to give a taste on your next visit there.
Unit 5 Castle Rd, Oranmore // more here 

GIGAS Dinergrill

GIGAS Dinergrill in Oranmore provides delicious, made to order meals every time. They specialise in using locally sourced produce to create fresh and tasty dishes that just burst with flavours. Their spice bag comprises crispy chicken strips, handcut fries, red onion, peppers and their own house mix. Their vegetarian option swaps falafel for the chicken.  Whether you want to opt to enjoy this for takeaway or get in for sit in and pair it with a delicious pint from their neighbours Porterhouse, it's the perfect addition to a day in Oranmore.
Howley Court, Dublin Rd, Innplot, Oranmore // more here 

above: photo by GIGAS Dinergrill

Samyo Asian Food

Salthill’s Asian restaurant, Samyo should definitely be on your spice bag bucket list. With crispy fries and chicken, alongside delicious sweet and salty flavours, it’s to die for! Pair it with curry sauce or satay sauce or take it to the next level. When you order their spice box you can make it mega or medium size, both are a delicious feast. This is the ideal meal to warm up after a stroll along the promenade or dip in the sea.
177 Upper Salthill Rd // more here

Feature photo courtesy of Xian Street Food

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