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GALWAY has so many stories to tell

Having found your favourite spots to see on your next visit to Galway, it’s time to put the wheels in motion. Share your discoveries with your friends and family, get booking and prepare for an incredibly memorable trip.




Over the past couple of years, we’ve watched the humble cup of coffee evolve far beyond our morning energy boost and into a number of different guises. Flat whites, vanilla lattes, frothy cappuccinos and cold brews are just some of the beverages that keep us going throughout the day and with a number of forward-thinking establishments throughout Galway going that little step further, there’s always something new to sample.

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Mocha Beans turns twenty

Mocha Beans Cafés, based in Galway but with locations in the East and West of Ireland, have been serving award winning coffee, rustic local food and in house sweet treats since 1997.

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5 Food Gems Rocking Galway You Need To Go Eat In

5 Food Establishments in Galway You Need To Go Eat In

Never eat more than you can lift Miss Piggy once said and I sort of take that as a challenge. I eat a lot. Though by the look of me, some may say I need a smack of a good stew. And as Galway city balances on the brink of a restaurant overload, a restaurant overload is good news to a beast of an eater like myself and many others.

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Cupan Tae Tearooms Galway

Tae in Galway

Cup an Tae is the only tea rooms of its kind in Galway, and it sets a new standard of excellence and style.

Its Located on Quay Lane, looking on to the Corrib. As you enter these tea rooms, you might feel like “Alice in Wonderland”, this magical feeling is reinforced by the team of very friendly and welcoming staff.

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