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The Big Quiz of the Year: 2020

Thursday Dec 2020 // General Knowledge

2020 was one of the most unforgettable years in modern history… but how much do you actually remember from the last twelve months?!

The Very Merry Christmas Quiz

Thursday Dec 2020 // General Knowledge

We absolutely love Christmas here at This is Galway; the sparkling lights, the mulled wine, the cosy pyjamas, all the food, everything!

The Ultimate General Knowledge Quiz #1

Sunday May 2020 // General Knowledge

We’ve already tested you on every aspect of Galway and Ireland, from Geography and History to Music and Movies. But now we want to really grill you with The Ultimate General Knowledge Quiz.

The Great Big Galway Quiz

Thursday Apr 2020 // General Knowledge

We all love Galway. It's packed with world-famous art and culture, a rich history, breathtaking geography, delicious food & drink and, of course, serious craic! But, do you REALLY know all there is to know about Galway?