Our Review of Into the Dark Woods

Our Review of Into the Dark Woods

The production of Into the Dark Woods was a marvellous union of fairytale-esque storytelling and a cast of actors who sought one thing; a dock to harbour personal conviction and expression.

On a dark and nearly foreboding stage stood the cast, against a backdrop of mystical lighting and sound. The set, as if from a true Grimm's Fairy Tale, facilitated a space that paralleled feelings of wonder, and edged against uncertainty. Throughout the performance there was a consistent glint of contentment - the feeling that emerges when all rises and then falls into place. A truly wonderful production, Into the Dark Woods is a performance to remember.

A harrowing story of personal identity, and the bravery that surmounts in the critical moment of conquering fears. Into the Dark Woods brilliantly captures what it means to be lost in a world of uncertainty, yet emerge triumphant. Debut playwright Charlene Kelly draws from her personal experience to bring forth a tale that is unanimously felt and understood.

The play follows the unexpected journey between Sharon (Jennifer Cox) and Prince Edward (Kieran Coppinger). As the darkness descends, they must rely on each other to find their way through. Lost in a maze of kindly mischievous trees, Into the Dark Woods is rooted in deeply personal expression told through the lens of those with intellectual learning disabilities.

The show featured an inclusive cast, as well as a special tour before the final matinee performance. The Touch Tour provided an opportunity for members of the audience to walk through the set prior to the performance.This tour was facilitated with the aim to connect the set with audience members who are blind, visually impaired, on the autistic spectrum, non-verbal or have intellectual difficulties. The Touch Tour was held to give those audience members a better theatre experience, and to help contextualize the stage and performance.

Earnest and cleverly poignant at times, the performance expresses the internal struggle of feeling lost within yourself, fused with the gratification of eventually finding your way through the dark woods.

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