Irish Artist: Fuchsia MacAree’s Prints, Perspective, and Projects
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Irish Artist: Fuchsia MacAree’s Prints, Perspective, and Projects

Irish illustrator Fuchsia MacAree has the unique ability of capturing observations of the world around her, showcasing her findings in warm, inviting, and delightful prints. With an emphasis on ordinary life and the beauty that exists within those shared moments, Fuchsia’s illustrations nurture a feeling of infectious joy. We’re absolutely thrilled to chat with Fuchsia about her work, inspiration and some very exciting projects on the horizon.

“I sort of have a design head on me if that makes sense,” says Fuchsia. “I like simplifying things. I’m really into communicating with the viewer, and making things clear and visually clean.” Beautifully bold lines fill the space in Fuchsia’s prints and designs. Whimsical characters meander through a colourful world - a world often ripe with references to Irish culture. “I really like people watching and noticing a little moment between two people. Like a little tender moment or a weird and embarrassing thing. That’s something I’m quite drawn to.”

This sense of humanity and warmth is a hallmark of Fuchsia’s designs. While she strips away some aspects in the background, what remains is the recognisable and relatable moments of personhood. “I’m sort of trying to elevate everyday things up a little bit.”

Fuchsia illustration

One of her designs, captioned ‘Crisps for Dinner’, pieces together a familiar scene in her own distinct style. Two pints of stout, a hot whiskey, and a big ol’ packet of crisps for sharing. Warmth and candle light sweep over the image with a phone timestamp of 8:40pm. A recognisable moment between friends, captured perfectly by Fuchsia. “I would be interested in something that’s more realism based…Taking things from everyday life, and bottling those little bits.”

Fuchsia illustration

By ‘bottling up these bits’ and transforming them into a physical piece of art, there is a direct sense of storytelling; what Fuchsia calls ‘visual storytelling.’ Fuchsia’s interpretation of the world around us is saturated in joyful memorable moments. "I'm trying to capture the essence of everyday life, by focusing on fleeting moments of joy, contentment, or peace. By isolating those moments, I hope to draw the viewer into the scene."

Currently, Fuchsia is in the process of creating an exhibition for Plámás, in Galway’s very own Westend. “The most exciting thing for me at the moment is this exhibition with Plámás…That will be lovely because I’m going to try and show things related to the West Coast, in Clare and Galway, and the physical ties of those two places. Hopefully I can spend a little bit of time making things for that. That is kinda the place I’m happiest, making things.” Fuchsia’s ability to see the ‘everyday’ through a lens of earnest admiration and creative flair is what makes her designs incredibly distinct in style, yet familiar in feeling.

Fuchsia wind illustration

You will definitely recognise Fuchsia’s work from our magazine. In our ‘Out of City’ section, her wayfinding maps are always inviting and culturally rich, as well as easily navigational. “You could look at a quite technical map, but you wouldn’t get the same emotional or cultural value from that.” She truly makes mapping fun again! To see more of Fuchsia’s work you can visit her instagram @fuchsiamacaree or her website

// Illustrations by Fuchsia MacAree
// Photography by Ciarán MacChoncarraige

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