DJ Lolz’ Guaranteed Irish Playlist

DJ Lolz’ Guaranteed Irish Playlist

DJ Lolz is a firm Galway favourite, now she is presenting a playlist of Irish tracks that she loves

Lolz is a promoter and DJ with GASH collective, and can regularly be found behind the decks in Electric or getting the dancefloors of Galway's Westend hopping. Now she has put together 10 guaranteed Irish tunes that are also guaranteed bangers, many of which she has played out loud in the pubs and clubs countless times, others she enjoys for work or home listening...

Maija Sofia - Edie Sedgwick

Maija Sofia's Bath Time is incredible. I was lucky to catch her live in the Róisín Dubh back in February. I hadn't actually listened to the EP at the time but was blown away by her gig and have had it on repeat since. Hard to pick a fave but I love the lyrics in this one.

Ellll - Glisten

ELLLL leaves behind her usual bass and techno driven productions in this beautiful orchestral EP on Paralexe Editions. I've been listening to Glisten a lot during lockdown, absolutely love the lush piano samples.


Cignol - Public Expenditure

Cignol is one of my favourite Irish electronic music producers. He makes really nice, melodic electro. Really hard to pick one tune of his but I’ve probably played 'Public Expenditure' out more than the rest so it makes the list

T-woc - Persian Golf

I only had this tack sent to me this week but already obsessed with it and know it will feature in a lot of my radio & DJ mixes over the next while. Slow and chuggy, my fave combo <3 LISTEN HERE

Decal - Growler

Alan O'Boyle is one of the best electronic music producers to come out of Ireland, this track Growler is an absolute tops-off banger!

Melly - Shrubbery

Another of my favourite producers is Melly, his productions are always next level good. Shrubbery is a fab track with gorgeous evocative melodies and glistening arpeggios.


Rising Damp - The Bank

Michelle's blistering live set at Open Ear Festival on Sherkin Island in June last year absolutely blew me away. Her new EP Petrol Factory on wherethetimegoes is incredible and moves between EBM & Post Punk with lyrics that attack things like the banking crisis and the rise of fascism with a sense of humour. My fave track is The Bank.


Americhord - Sunray/Tighter my Grip

Maura O’Boyle’s Enter EP was released on D1 records back in 2004, and it absolutely slays. She was making electro and techno tunes back when little to no Irish women were producing electronic music. These two tracks are guaranteed to go off in the club.

Denise Chaila - Duel Citzenship

Denise Chaila is a Zambian born Limerick based artist making waves right now. She is a rapper, singer and poet and has featured on lots of killer releases in recent times including Man like Me on Sim Simma and Who’s Askin? By God Knows.

She released her debut EP Duel Citzenship last year, it’s produced by Murli and features the Grime-esque Copper Bullet, as well as the title track which is simple in terms of production but sends a powerful message.

Night Christ - Conversation Policy

Last but not least is this wonderful synth-pop track from Galway's finest Night Christ, a collaborative project between Jack Considine and John Daly. A great track that works in both the pub and club.

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