Where to bring your Granny in Galway

Where to bring your Granny in Galway

In the fashion of all great grannies, it’s highly likely your gran has been pushing fivers into your hand and keeping you well fed since you were running around in nappies. You’ve probably lost count of all the roast dinners, birthday cards and words of encouragement they’ve given you over the years. To help you show her how much she means to you, we’ve put together a list of the best places to visit for a quality day out. We have something for every variety of nan here in Galway...

A Cake Date in Kai

20 Sea Rd, Galway's Westend // more here
We know no one can beat your granny’s baking, but Hapi Bakery's homemade cakes at Kai are the next best thing! They are always baking up a storm of a  freshly made cakes and baked treats, so why don’t you both order something different and share them out. Cosy up in the ambient, warm restaurant and spend the afternoon chatting about years gone by over some of the most delicious cakes in town.
Question to ask your granny: Where is her favourite place to unwind and what is her method of relaxation?

above: photo courtesy of Kai 

A Stroll along the Prom

From the sun on your face to the sea breeze in your hair, nothing beats a walk and a catch up with your loved on the Salthill prom. For the day that’s in it, why not slow things down a bit and take it handy for a while. Stroll along the beach arm in arm with your gran, taking in all the smiling faces and happy heads you pass on your way. Maybe even stretch to buying some ice cream, if you’re feeling particularly generous.
Question to ask your granny: Has much changed about a trip to the seaside since she was growing up?

The Sunday dinner is on you!

Once again, it is always going to be next to impossible to find a roast dinner that will rival your granny’s, but there’s plenty of places that dish up the next best thing. Whether it’s one on one or you want to treat the whole family to a hearty lunch, your granny definitely deserves a weekend away from the kitchen. And hey, you’ve escaped dish-washing duty! Check out our top picks for a Sunday lunch with a difference in Galway, here.
Question to ask your granny: How did she learn to cook and does she have any special recipes?

above: photo courtesy of The Red Gap Bar and Restaurant

Enjoy a Trad Music Session

You better believe your granny loves nothing more than a good pint or cup of tea served with a side of traditional Irish music and she's not alone. Across Galway city and county there is an abundance of bars showcasing the best of Irish trad music all week long. A high stool, cold beer, a warm pub and some music is all you need and your granny will be singing along and tapping her foot to the music like the rest of us. Let us introduce you to some of our favourite spots here.
Question to ask your granny: When was the first time she had a drink?

An Afternoon Tea Party

Eyre Square // more here
The height of sophistication, afternoon tea  in Galway is an incredibly comfortable and satisfying way to spend the day. From their hand cut sandwiches to their pastry creations, Hardiman Hotel's offerings are always top class, and there’s always the option of a cheeky glass of prosecco too. Embrace your inner notions and spoil your granny, it’s only fair! If you would more options for your afternoon tea destination, be sure to check out our guide on where to have an afternoon tea to remember right here.
Question to ask your granny: How did she do her socialising back in the day?

above: photo courtesy of The Hardiman Hotel

Shop the Local Crafts at Spiddal Craft Village

Ceardlann Craft Village, Spiddal // more here
Head on a quick road trip out to Spiddal’s Craft Village, where you and your gran will get the opportunity to watch the very talented arts and crafts people creating some beautiful pieces. You can even pick yourself up some of the craftwork, art or clothing you may have taken a fancy to as a way to remember your day out. Make sure to spot by the gorgeous Builín Blasta for some delicious eats before heading home.
Question to ask your granny: When she was only a young one, what did she see herself doing when she grew up?

Time in the Garden at Brigit's Garden

Pollagh, Rosscahill // more here
Spend the day getting back to nature by exploring the beautiful grounds of Brigit’s Garden. Rich in Celtic heritage and mythology, there’s plenty of enchanting of sights to see including a fairy fort, a nature trail and the largest calendar sundial in Ireland. There’s also a seriously stunning garden café on site and a great gift shop to browse after your adventures outdoors.
Question to ask your granny: What old wives’ tales has she heard over the years and is there are any superstitions she swears by?

A Shopping Spree around the City

Especially for grannies from outside Galway city, a trip around the shops is always a great way to pass the day by in Galway. Charlie Byrne's Bookshop for a good book, Aunty Nellies for a feed of old school style sweets, My Shop... Granny Likes It (I mean it's in the name), Ernies Fruit & Veg for all your organic foodie needs and McCambridge's of Galway for things cheese and wine. We really don't think the weekly shop has ever looked this good!
Question to ask your granny: Same time next week?

above: photo courtesy of Brigit's Garden

Feature photo courtesy of The Hardiman Hotel

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