Ernies Traditional, family-owned green grocer

Ernies in the Westend is a fruit, vegetable, fine foods, wines and organic store like no other.
It is a family business owned and ran by Ernie Deacy, his daughter Anne Marie and son Ernie Jnr. The Deacy name is interwoven into the roots of old Galway and thanks to a loyal customer base the shop is one of the longest running family businesses in the city.
Before the Supermarket age it was known for selling food from farms all around the county, tonnes of potatoes, bags of cabbages and supporting the local fisherman selling nets of fish. Times have changed but the shop has evolved into the 21st century holding on to the same core values it had from day one. That is for quality produce, fresh tasty and nutritious.
With the blossoming of organic and chemical free growing in Ireland again and the increase of Artisan small batch producing and making, the relationship we have with the land from grower, maker to consumer has never been so vital.
The shop is a beacon in a world where fast paced, mass produced goods which are uniform and nutritionally void fill the shelves. The shop has a vibrancy, stocking food that is unique and due to necessity we stock a huge range of foods to suit all special dietary needs, without compromising on taste.
Being a supporter of the local community does not stop there, Ernie’s was the first shop in the west of Ireland to stock and support fair trade tea and coffee producers. Now also a¬†member of the Galway Slow Food movement we believe in championing all that we¬†can to¬†support and enhance a better quality of life.
Some great local products currently we live to eat are Sliabh Aughty raw honey, the scrumptious Bowl-A-Granola range, Fuinseog farm miniature kale and Uncle Matts Oriental leaves with edible flowers.
Situated in the Westend on Sea road between the infamous Traditional music bar The Crane and award winning restaurant Kai.

Additional Info
Our favourite new product to the shop that we can’t believe we ever lived without¬†is the locally made¬†raw Almond milk called Almond-I-Great. In¬†two flavours Pure which is pure almond milk no additives no fillers¬†and Dark which is a luscious blend of Almond, raw cacao and medjoul dates. It couldn’t get any better!!

Opening hours
Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm / Sat: 8am - 5.30pm / Sun: Closed
Business Type
Market and Grocer
West End
6-8 Sea Road,
Phone : +353 (0)91 586812 View Map

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