Visit the Winner of the Traditional Irish Restaurant Award: McHugh’s Traditional Pub & Restaurant
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Visit the Winner of the Traditional Irish Restaurant Award: McHugh’s Traditional Pub & Restaurant

For anyone looking to enjoy all the best traditional Irish flavours, McHugh’s Traditional Pub & Restaurant provides an experience second to none. At The Food Awards Ireland 2023, they won Traditional Irish Restaurant for the second time proving once again that when it comes to a feast of the best Irish flavours they truly do provide one of the finest.

Situated on the Tuam Road, on the outskirts of Galway City, McHugh’s location is ideal for locals and tourists alike. In order to learn more about everything McHugh’s offer, we decided to take a spin out Tuam Road and meet the person behind it all; Aiden Leonard.

McHugh’s first opened its doors in 2018 after undergoing an extensive renovation project and with Aiden at its helm the establishment has gone from strength to strength ever since. Nowadays, they are open seven days a week from 8am to late, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, with the option of takeaway and collection also. McHugh’s also features; an abundance of free parking, and of course their famous beer garden.

Aiden was previously awarded winner of the Best Restaurant Manager in Connaught at the Irish Restaurant Awards, so it is no surprise that McHugh’s and its sister businesses; Peggy’s Bar, Lounge & Restaurant, Village Inn Bar & Restaurant and The Red Gap Bar & Restaurant, have all flourished under his care. Asking Aiden about how he managed to create and maintain the phenomenal reputation that accompanies each of his businesses, he answers simply; “look at what annoys you when you go into a restaurant and don’t do that. Most people are the same. They don’t want someone coming down every 5 minutes but they also want to be able to see someone when they do want something and I say ‘kill them with kindness’. If someone is complaining and if you have a smile on your face and you are polite even the most difficult customer is going to find it hard to speak badly to you.” It’s clear that the trust between Aiden and his team accounts for what makes McHugh’s so special. Aiden has created an enjoyable work environment and this reflects itself onto the team and as a result, everything McHugh’s offers is exceptional, from the wholesome atmosphere and relaxed vibes right down to the food and drink options.

The various food menus available at McHugh’s feature all the classic Irish dishes, with each one having been cooked to perfection. For breakfast, they offer everything from full Irish breakfasts, Belgian waffles, French toast and bacon to homely oatmeal porridge. Lunchtime comes with a large selection of light bites, salads, sandwiches and main courses. For dinner, the option of deliciousness expands into a menu of starters, main courses which includes a delectable variety of burgers, stir-fries and fajitas, and desserts. These extensive menus ensure that there is something for even the pickiest of eaters and are guaranteed to have something the whole family will love.

Catering to groups of up to 120 people, McHugh’s is the incredible spot for family get togethers, summer bbqs, work night outs and for parties with your nearest and dearest. For groups of up to 10 people, book your table here, or to reserve a spot for over ten people, please contact them at or by calling them at (091) 739 268.

If you would like more information about McHugh’s Traditional Pub & Restaurant and the rest of the Leonard Catering Group, check out their website;

All photos courtesy of McHugh's Traditional Pub & Restaurant.

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