Taste Galway Hooker’s New Guilt-Free & Eco-Friendly Beer
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Taste Galway Hooker’s New Guilt-Free & Eco-Friendly Beer

Galway Hooker Craft Brewing Company have launched a new Organic Pilsner and announced a partnership with Hometree, an Irish project that aims to give back to nature by adding more trees to the Irish landscape.

Galway Hooker are partnering with Hometree to offset the ecological impact of producing their Organic Pilsner. For every Organic Pilsner that’s ordered, Galway Hooker will make a donation to Hometree. Plus, for every keg of the Organic Pilsner that’s bought by a bar or restaurant, Galway Hooker will work with Hometree to plant a tree. To date, Hometree have already planted well over 150,000 pioneer trees, and this latest initiative by Galway Hooker will contribute to the growth of that number even further.

This Organic Pilsner, from Connacht’s oldest current brewery, builds on their well-known culture of innovation, sustainability, and carefully chosen natural ingredients. Brewed with natural malt and hops, the Organic Pilsner is the ideal brew for beer-lovers who love the planet and want to enjoy a drink while giving something back. The 4.1% alcohol beer is available in kegs, bottles, cans, and on draught in some of the finest bars in Galway and further afield.

Galway Hooker Organic Pilsner

Galway Hooker’s partnership with Hometree for the Organic Pilsner continues the company’s tradition of making waves in the beer brewing industry since 2006, and it adds to their already impressive achievements which all started with the launch of Ireland’s first IPA-style beer, the Original Irish Pale Ale.

Speaking about the launch of the Organic Pilsner, Galway Hooker co-founder Aidan Murphy said; "Since 2006, the Galway Hooker Craft Brewing Company has been brewing quality beers and stouts that are true to the West of Ireland. Our partnership with Hometree for the eco-friendly Organic Pilsner continues our proud tradition of exploring, improving, and making great beer that people love."

"Our name is inspired by the Hooker boats that once upon a time helped people travel around the wild Atlantic Ocean. Today, one of the biggest challenges we all have to navigate is how to be kinder to the environment. This brew allows people to give something back to the land through our partnership with the fantastic Hometree, while savouring beer made with craftsmanship. We couldn’t be prouder of the results," Aidan said.

Since 2022, Galway Hooker has been part of the Connacht Hospitality Group – and its CEO Peter Fitzgerald spoke about the launch of the Organic Pilsner; "The Galway Hooker brand is justly becoming known far and wide, and the brewery’s latest partnership, with Hometree, is a true testament to how impressively it’s growing. No doubt, this is just the latest step in what will surely continue to be a great journey for all associated with Galway Hooker," he said.

To read more on the Organic Pilsner, why not visit the Galway Hooker Brewing Company’s page here - and visit the Connacht Hospitality Group’s site here to find out more about their latest updates.

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