Start your green journey with Claddagh Credit Union
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Start your green journey with Claddagh Credit Union

Enter a new greener era alongside Claddagh Credit Union and avail of their exciting new range of services to help make the process of going green easier. They are now offering their members reduced rate loans for solar panels, home insulation, green renovations and electric cars.

Following their rebranding as Claddagh Credit Union at the end of 2022, the credit union stepped further into their role as community leaders with a renewed focus on sustainability and eco-friendly products. This complete overhaul saw them introduce a new green initiative project with brand new products for their members. Claddagh Credit Union members can now avail of loans for Solar panels, Home Insulation, Green Renovations & Electric cars. In order to make these accessible to all their members and help them on their journey to green at home & on the road, their range of reduced loan rates starts at a 5% loan which remains one of the cheapest on the market.

Ever since these products became available to members, Claddagh Credit Union has seen a large uptake in the loans by the community. Speaking to Claddagh Credit Union’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Ted Coyle, and Market Officer, Lisa Stewart, they told us that since the launch of the electric car loans they have given out over two and a half million euro in loans, commenting on how rewarding it was to see the rise in the amount of electric cars on the road due to the popularity of these loans.

To reflect their efforts in helping the community enter a greener future, Claddagh Credit Union’s attention turned to their in-house practices. Ted tells us; “when we started looking at this in relation to green and sustainability is that we were promoting loans but we needed to do something in house. We couldn’t be promoting it to people if we were not doing it ourselves.” This began their push for more sustainable practices in all of their branches with the establishment of the Green Team. Comprising nine volunteers, the Green Team meets every two months to brainstorm new methods of promoting a greener workplace for their fellow employees. This has included the addition of rubbish and recycle bins in all rooms, reminders to turn off lights and PCs when leaving a room and having their electrics audited in each of their three branches so they can upgrade them to more energy efficient lighting and heating. They also installed solar panels at their Mainguard credit union branch in May of 2023, becoming one of the first credit unions in Galway and Ireland to do so.

Lisa says; “We want everyone to come along and get involved, without it being forced. To educate ourselves and then put that education in use in whatever way we can in our various different buildings.” Ted adds; “We have about 40,000 members so we have a huge opportunity where we can inform and educate members and if we can do that the city itself will be in a better place.”

The changes both big and small will continue to play a vital role in the future goals of the Claddagh Credit Union. With plans to work with Galway City Council on new community initiatives and through continued engagements with TY students from local schools, the Claddagh Credit Union are looking to implement short, medium and long term sustainable actions covering four key areas; education, awareness, their internal process and infrastructure. Ted adds; “I think over the last 12/18 months as we are learning about it, becoming more aware about and speaking to others about it we can definitely see that small changes can make a difference.”

The Claddagh Credit Union’s has previously hosted a Green Home Solution Event which saw them partner with local industry experts from; Ecowise Insulation, The Door Centre & Solar Panel Homes. With more of these events planned for the year ahead, keep an eye out for the future dates to be announced on the Claddagh Credit Union social media platforms so you can begin taking the initial steps to living a greener lifestyle.

To find out more about this new era at the Claddagh Credit Union and for more information on their green loans for electric cars, solar panels and renovations, check out their website at; If you have any questions regarding any of their products contact them at or visit them at your nearest Claddagh Credit Union branch.

All photos courtesy of Claddagh Credit Union.

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