Send Noodz Banner Returned to Sender

Send Noodz Banner Returned to Sender

Bangin' Noodles restaurant in Galway had their signage stolen from the front of their premises last Sunday night! Rather than get mad, they decided to offer a prize for its return and have a bit of craic in the process...

Last Monday morning, the owner of Bangin' Noodles, Evan O’Ceallaigh, came down to his restaurant on Augustine Street to notice his signage had been stolen during the night. “We opened up the restaurant during level 5 national lockdown, in a closed down pub (De Burgos), in the midst of a global pandemic, with next to no money! But we knew that we had to stand out a little bit so we bought 2 big yellow signs and stuck them out the front. The signs have the slogan Send Noodz written on them as a funny nod to our noodle concept.”

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The ”Send Noodz” sign had garnered quite a lot of attention and thankfully the word had got out about the new restaurant. However, the signage went down a little too well and, during the middle for the night, was cut loose and presumably taken to a new home!

Evan posted to Facebook on Monday morning with a picture of the missing banner and offered up a €100 prize for whoever returned the banner and they'd even throw in a few cocktails and have the craic. The post got great interaction and spread across the internet Monday morning, resulting in a very swift return! The culprits, disguised as Galway's own Pat McDonagh no less, were reportedly very sound and Bangin' Noodles might just have some new best friends.

Check out the hilarious full story on Instagram.

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