New Irish Campign Launches: Creidim Ionat / I Believe in You
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New Irish Campign Launches: Creidim Ionat / I Believe in You

Foras na Gaeilge and RTÉ are proud to announce the return of Creidim Ionat / I Believe In You, an innovative and collaborative online initiative aimed at nurturing widespread awareness and the everyday use of Irish. Find out more and discover how to get involved here...

Creidim Ionat is a Foras na Gaeilge initiative in partnership with RTÉ that calls on everyone with an interest in Irish to pick a language goal to work towards, with the help of a mentor and the wide range of resources that are available to help. Goals can be as simple as using some new phrases, learning a song as Gaeilge, or reading an Irish-language book. Foras na Gaeilge, the public body responsible for the promotion of the Irish language across the island of Ireland, encourages Irish speakers to put themselves forward as a mentor with the aim of supporting a mentee to achieve a language goal.

Creidim Ionat

Creidim Ionat debuted in 2022 with RTÉ Beo ar Éigean hosts (Áine NĂ­ BhreisleĂĄin, SinĂ©ad NĂ­ UallachĂĄin and SiĂșn NĂ­ Dhuinn) mentoring Michael Fry (comedian) to do a comic sketch as Gaeilge, Marty Morrissey (RTÉ presenter) presenting an All-Star Award as Gaeilge and Marissa Carter (Founder and CEO of Carter Beauty) doing a make-up application as Gaeilge on the RTE Today Show. Watch the campaign highlights here.

This year’s campaign will be anchored by RTÉ 2FM producer and presenter, AindriĂș de Paor, along with Beo ar Éigean presenter SinĂ©ad NĂ­ UallachĂĄin and another yet to be announced mentor. AindriĂș de Paor will coach The 2 Johnnies on their Irish language journey towards their goal of performing ‘When I Play For County’ as Gaeilge live on air for the nation to hear, while SinĂ©ad NĂ­ UallachĂĄin will travel the length and breadth of Ireland to see how communities are using Irish, from choirs to Ukrainian children attending a national school in the Connemara Gaeltacht.

Creidim Ionat 2

Foras na Gaeilge's Irish language campaign, Creidim Ionat / I Believe in You launched last weekend at St. Patrick's Festival at The Festival Quarter, Collins Barracks. On Saturday 16th of March, visitors stopped by An CheathrĂș Ghaeltachta (The Gaeltacht Quarter) and found out how to take the next step with the Irish language through Irish language games, the cĂșpla focal with presenters Megan Scully and Jamie FlannĂșra and signing up for Creidim Ionat 2024.

Foras na Gaeilge, together with their partners, will also be co-ordinating online Irish language classes available to everyone and anyone, irrespective of their current level. Online live classes with Gael Linn will begin 8th April and run for four weeks at four levels, Complete Beginners, Rusty Improvers, Intermediate Improvers, Advanced Improvers. Each level will concentrate on conversational spoken Irish and cost €5 per lesson. Classes will cover a range of topics, including family, travel, entertainment and music. Full details on classes and how to sign up are HERE.

GaelchultĂșr also offer self-guided online courses on Learners can take a free assessment test and use the Creidim Ionat discount code CREIDIM-2024 to get 25% off and continue learning at a level and speed that suits any lifestyle.

Anna Davitt, Communications Manager of Foras na Gaeilge said; "Foras na Gaeilge was delighted by the great success of Creidim Ionat in 2022 and how our challenge was embraced by our mentors, mentees and the broader public with support from RTÉ. Our flagship campaign proved to be a great success by reaching out to people in 83 countries to support them to achieve their language goals. We have taken the campaign a step further this year by offering significant discounts on online courses and programmes through our education partners, Gael Linn and GaelchultĂșr. A range of courses will be available throughout the duration of the campaign and we would encourage people to register as soon as possible to ensure availability. We will be announcing a number of supports whether you are beginner, you would like to regain some fluency, or simply if you would like to use more Irish with your family and friends. We look forward to showcasing the very best of Irish language resources and organisations throughout the island of Ireland and beyond!"

Niamh NĂ­ ChurnĂĄin, Group Head of Irish Language, RTÉ said; "RTÉ is delighted to be partnering with Foras na Gaeilge once more on this really important initiative for the Irish Language. Those of us who live and work through Irish everyday are keenly aware that so many people aspire to use Irish, or to get closer to the language. That’s an ambition we keenly support in RTÉ and this campaign offers a wonderful opportunity for fluent speakers to reach out and spread the cĂșpla focal, as well as offering anyone who wishes to use more Irish day to day the opportunity to partner-up and re-start their Irish-language journey. I invite anyone, fluent, beginner or lapsed, to register now at, and get started. If this is something you’ve been thinking about doing, Creidim Ionat could be just what you were looking for."

Creidim Ionat

Creidim Ionat 2022 participant and CEO of Carter Beauty Cosmetics, Marissa Carter said; "I had a fantastic experience taking part in Creidim Ionat in 2022. I was so impressed with the amount of resources that are out there, all of which helped me achieve a long time goal of mine to reconnect with the Irish language. My journey has really only begun, I’m learning more every day, speaking a cĂșpla focal with friends and family and loving it! I’ve even included Gaeilge in the packaging of my cosmetics. I’d encourage anyone with a desire to kick off their Irish language journey to set a goal, sign up online and take part in Creidim Ionat this year."

Follow #CreidimIonat to follow the progress of mentors and mentees and to share your own journey and goal.

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