Conan O’Brien Makes Irish TV Drama Debut
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Conan O’Brien Makes Irish TV Drama Debut

HBO Max and internationally renowned US TV Host and Comedian, Conan O’Brien makes his Irish TV Drama debut with TG4’s long running drama series Ros na Rún.

On Tuesday 30th April at 8.30pm, Ros na Rún’s village rogue and publican, Tadhg Ó Direáin is faced with a feisty delivery man who’s having none of Tadhg’s arrogant nonsense. Standing his ground, Comedian and HBO Max TV Personality Conan O’Brien, the new Ros na Rún delivery man is certainly no push over for Tadhg, as a war of words is declared between the two in Tigh Thaidhg.

Loyal fans of Ireland’s only rural based TV drama will have to watch and see if Vince gets his balloons for his party and if publican Tadhg throws the legendary TV personality Conan O’Brien out of his pub.

On April 18th next TG4’s Ros na Rún will also be taken stateside with a feature broadcast as part of Conan O’Brien’s brand new HBO Max Travel series, Conan O’Brien Must Go. Ros na Rún forms part of his Ireland programme for his travel series which also includes Conan O’Brien’s travel escapades to Norway, Thailand and Argentina.

Conan O’Brien and HBO Max visited Ireland in January to record one of their unique travel shows as part of the Conan O’Brien Must Go series. His primary focus was to trace his family roots in Limerick while taking in some of Ireland’s most unique features. High on the priority list for the HBO TV Host and Comedian, who consistently declares his Irish heritage was to speak Irish and have a cameo role on the leading TG4 drama series Ros na Rún, now in its 28th Season.

"Getting to work with the cast and crew of Ros Na Rún was a delightful highlight of my trip to Ireland, and I apologize in advance for inadvertently butchering my Mother Tongue," says Conan O’Brien, Comedian and legendary HBO Max TV presenter.

Conan O'Brien on the set of Ros na Rún

Ros na Rún Series Producer, Marion Ní Loingsigh and her production team were thrilled to cast Conan O’Brien upon his request. Never shy of a challenge Ros na Rún script writers, producers and directors created a fun script for the world famous comedian Conan O’Brien.

Filmed on the 9th of January, Conan O’Brien and his HBO Max production team arrived on set at Ros na Rún in An Spidéal in the Connemara Gaeltacht where Conan engaged in a tour of the purpose built TV set, before meeting the team and spending time with Production Manager Mairead Campbell and linguistics coach Kevin Hussey who coached and challenged him to learn his first lines as Gaeilge. Rehearsals were full of laughter and lots of applause as Conan O’Brien firmly stepped into his role, as as a delivery man in Ros na Rún. Conan O Brien’s lines went way beyond “Céad Míle Fáilte” which he was well and truly familiar with from his Irish American, Massachusetts upbringing.

Featuring along side Ros na Rún’s Tadhg Ó Direáin, the “ delivery man”, Conan O’Brien, certainly gave as good as he got and Ros na Rún’s audiences will now be keen to find out who wins out. Vince, played by Paul Mc Closkey, has once again been let down by Tadhg as part of the cameo story while Bobbi Lee, played by Annamaria Nic Dhonncha has another reason to wrap Tadhg on the knuckles over his this debacle.

Conan O’Brien totally immersed himself behind the scenes of the renowned Irish language drama, Ros na Rún. He enjoyed the craic and banter in hair and make-up, as well as with the cast and crew, not to mention the explosions of laughter while learning his lines and taking direction. A huge endorsement for the TG4 drama series, Ros na Rún which is a co-production between Galway based Independent production company, Danú Media and Dublin’s Tyrone Productions, it is sponsored by XL Ireland. Conan O’Brien was extremely impressed by the high professional standards and attention to detail on the TV Set.

"Every day is a challenge on a working TV Set where we produce 82 episodes of Ros na Rún over 6 and half months of filming, so we’re never shy of a new challenge," says Marion Ní Loingsigh, Ros na Rún series producer. "It was thrilling to get the request from Conan O’Brien that he wanted to have a cameo appearance in Season 28. Who better to pair the famous US TV personality and Comedian with than our very own leading legend Tadhg O’Direán, played by Macdara O Fatharta. It was fun to create and film and audiences will see a perfect delivery of Gaeilge by HBO’s Conan O’Brien in what is an abrupt but entertaining exchange with Tadhg."

"We were beyond thrilled to host Conan O’Brien," says Mairead Campbell Ros na Rún, production manager. "Two stalwarts of TV on either side of the Atlantic, deeply rooted in their respective Irish heritage and culture, and bringing our beautiful Irish Language and Ros na Rún, TG4’s drama series, to a brand new world wide audience, we could not have had a better start to 2024."

While HBO’s Conan O’Brien features alongside Tadhg O’Direáin in Ros na Rún on Tuesday April 30th at 8.30pm, Ros na Rún will also feature on HBO Max’s Conan O Brien Must Go on April xx bringing the Irish language and rural drama series to a new international and American audience.

Conan O’Brien is now added to Ros na Rún’s celebrity cameo hall of fame which already includes actor Stephen Fry, Country music legends Daniel O’Donnell and Nathan Carter, Francis Brennan of RTE’s At Your Service, and Virgin Media’s Alan Hughes to name but a few, all of whom were keen to join the wonderful cast of Ros na Rún, where 5 of the original cast continue to play leading roles. In total Ros na Rún employs 180 people, between cast, crew, script writing and production team throughout its annual filming season.

Ros na Rún is broadcast twice weekly, on Tuesday and Thursday at 8.30pm on TG4, with an omnibus on Sunday evening at 7.30pm. It is also available on the TG4 and RTE players. Follow all social media channels @rosnarún for all the latest stories and news.

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