This is Galway’s Top Picks for Galway Theatre Festival

This is Galway’s Top Picks for Galway Theatre Festival

The well loved Galway Theatre Festival is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. With a decked out programme we here at This is Galway wanted to highlight a few of our top picks for the festival, which is running May 3rd-11th. You can find the full programme here.

Ní Liomsa an Teach Álainn Seo

May 3rd at 8pm and May 4th at 6pm // An Taibhdhearc // €15/12
Ní Liomsa a Teach Álainn Seo (This is Not My Beautiful House), is an experimental theatre piece fusing monologue theatre with music and digital art, presented in the Irish language (but will be subtitled in English also.) The piece explores people’s experience of leaving and being left and is an invitation to non-Irish and Gaelic speakers alike to experience the Irish language through the stories of shared understanding.

Party Scene

May 4th/8pm // Black Box Theatre // €22/18
This amazing show explores queer culture and poses tough questions around drug use, sex, consent and mental health in the queer community. This is a bold and wild ride that sparks conversation around identity, self-worth, isolation, homophobia, family and care. With an international company of incredible performers, Party Scene is one not to be missed.

Moonfish Theatre Workshop

May 9th/ 2pm // Bank of Ireland Theatre // €12
This workshop is directed to artists who would like to make work through Irish. It is an opportunity for artists of all levels of Irish to explore new methods to create theatre work. The unique workshop draws all different forms of theatre such as song, music, movement and digital technology, among other elements. It will be an amazing learning experience and a great way to help you explore the Irish language.

Works in Progress

May 11th/ 2pm // O’Donoghue Centre // €12/10
Works in Progress is a curated selection of new and upcoming works-in-progress from some of Galway’s finest theatre artists. Join them at O’Donoghue Centre for four unique, early stage showings where you, the audience, get to experience new work in the making and share feedback with artists through curated post-showing talk backs. Want to have your say in the creation of a show? Get your tickets now.


May 9th-11th/ 8pm // The Mick Lally Theatre // €15/12
This performance is an Irish rural portrait of lost potential, inexpression and female rage. It follows GAMMY and GAMMY is stuck. GAMMY never grew up. GAMMY got left behind. Working in the same old shop, but today is different, today something is finally going to happen. The play was developed at the Fringe Lab, as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival in 2023, so you just know it’ll be good.

Photos courtesy of the Galway Theatre Festival 

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