Each week, Mammy Mary will be letting us know what’s been going on down her neck of the woods and making sure we’re kept up to date on all the scandal. She’s a gas woman altogether, so make sure you take a gawk at this week’s letter...

Dia duit,

Lookit, I don’t want to talk about it. Valentine’s Day was a complete and utter flop. Me there like some eejit, waiting to see what would emerge from that lovely box from the fancy lingerie shop in town! Do you know what it was? A pair of feckin’ socks, if you don’t mind. Now - don’t get me wrong - they were lovely 100% cotton socks with a nice little design on them, but when you’re hoping for something a little more frilly it’s a shocking disappointment.

Anyway, we’ll draw a line under it and leave it at that. Next on the agenda was Pancake Tuesday and with it came even more upheaval. Áine’s dragging out this Veganuary shite and I’m sorry but pancakes are made with flour, milk and eggs - there’s no other way. I told her if she wanted vegan pancakes, she wouldn’t be getting them inside this 5km! Back to Dublin with her.

On reflection, I might have overreacted a biteen but sure aren’t we all at the end of our tethers? Never mind the sock incident pushing me over the edge! I declare to God, I’m losing my marbles. I’m still holding out hope for Saint Patrick driving it out come March 17, like he did with the snakes.

Time will tell.


Le meas,

Mary Mulvanerty

Mammy Mary

Feature Photo by Nick Page on Unsplash