Galway’s Best Indian Restaurants
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Galway’s Best Indian Restaurants

Over the years, the Irish palate has evolved far beyond the mild meat and two veg much of the country were reared on. While what we refer to as ‘Indian food’ here in Ireland encompasses the cuisine of many South Asian countries - Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh - our local eateries have shown us fragrant spices and authentic flavours that have made us fall in love. Here are Galway’s finest Indian restaurants that have shown us the fragrant spices and authentic flavours of truly incredibly Indian cuisine..

Kashmir Restaurant

Established by the Bhan family in 1994, Kashmir is Galway’s oldest Indian restaurant. Named after their beautiful homeland, the Valley of Kashmir has been described as ‘paradise on earth’, a merit that this Westend eatery emulates with their comprehensive and flavour forward menu. Each dish is prepared and presented in the traditional Kashmiri way, with all sauces and pastes being made from scratch with expert know-how and top-notch ingredients. A menu highlight has got to be their chicken gorkhali and don’t even get us started on their poppadoms!
Kilderry House, Lower Fairhill Rd // order here 

above: photo courtesy of Kashmir Restaurant 

Spice India

Spice India have earned an impressive reputation in Galway and in their other locations around Ireland. Known for their culinary delicacies, authentic herbs and spices, and their locally sourced meat and poultry, each dish on the menu packs a punch. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, this restaurant chain have been rising in popularity and we can confirm it lives up to the hype! Whether it be for a weekend takeaway or a sit down meal after a busy day, an evening of top notch Indian cuisine from Spice India is always good for the soul.
Bridgewater Court, 2-4 Fairhill Rd Lower, Dominick St Lower // order here 

above: photo courtesy of Spice India 

Kumar's Taste of Asia

Serving up an authentic array of Indian dishes, as well as Thai and European delicacies, Kumar’s Taste of Asia is by far one of the most beloved eateries in Galway. Located just opposite the Spanish Arch, their incredible décor is complemented by their extensive menu that offers an array of sub continental dishes that will satisfy both those dipping their toe in, and those with a more discerning palate. Whether you go for a lamb biryani, rogan josh or a more mild butter chicken, you’ll want to double up on the naan bread to soak up all that tasty sauce.
Swan House, Flood Street // order here 

above: photo courtesy of Kumar's Taste of Asia

Eastern Tandoori

Providing the people of Galway with a rich dining experience and wonderful flavours since 1995, Eastern Tandoori have translated the grandeur of the subcontinent to a semi traditional setting in the city and Loughrea. Their menu highlights the heritage recipes of various Indian regions, from the rustic tandoori kebabs of the North West Frontier Province and the aromatic mughlai cooking of Lucknow and Hyderabad to the delicate seafood cooking of the coastal cities and towns. Evolving with the seasons, their offerings are sure to tempt your tastebuds.
2-3 Spanish Arch // order here

above: photo courtesy of Eastern Tandoori, by Julia Dunn photography 

Spiced Barna

A fusion of flavours from across the Indian subcontinent to their location in Barna, Spiced brings the incredible dishes they grew up with in Bangladesh to the West of Ireland, Mohammed Khaled, Arup Barua, and Piter Barua have created a fusion menu that celebrates the abundance of recipes originating from Pakistan, India and their own home country. Serving up a killer korma, top-notch chicken tikka masala, a length selection of side dishes and a whole lot more, the folks at Spiced are experts when it comes to spice.
14-15 Barna Village Centre // order here 

above: photo courtesy of Spiced India

Oran Tandoori

Bringing the Indian food awakening to the people of Oranmore, Oran Tandoori have made it their mission to espouse the many virtues of their traditional cooking style dedicated to the balance and care of the body. Taking pride in their spice selection, they mix, roast and grind these herbs and spices daily to create diverse flavour profiles that both a novice and seasoned Indian eater will enjoy. Brimming with authenticity and a passion for cooking, their menu has it all - and the lengthy starters section will have your mouth watering from the get go.
Unit 2, Howley Court // order here

above: photo courtesy of Oran Tandoori

Tulsi Restaurant

Since the summer of ‘96, Buttermilk Walk has been home to Tulsi Restaurant; a contemporary restaurant that satisfies all aspects of Indian cuisine, hospitality and atmosphere. Their menu reflects the region’s diversity, marrying traditional classics with a touch of modernity. From appetisers to mains, these dishes will keep your palate hopping with flavour -additionally, their selection of tandoori specialities certainly deserve honourable mention!
3 Buttermilk Walk // order here 

above: photo courtesy of Tulsi Restaurant

Feature photo courtesy of Spice India

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