Galway Pizzeria has the Best Takeaway Pizza in Europe!
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Galway Pizzeria has the Best Takeaway Pizza in Europe!

We've all known it for years and at long last The Dough Bros's famously delicious pizzas are getting attention from all across Europe. Not the first award they've received and certainly not the last, The Guide to The Best Pizzerias in Italy and Worldwide, Top 50 Pizza have just awarded Galway’s The Dough Bros two major accolades for 2021.

The award-winning pizzeria located on Middle Street has been named as the Best Pizzeria in Ireland and as the Best Takeaway Service in Europe. Not leaving the awards just there, The Dough Bros have also ranked at 27th in Europe for their Pizza.

Speaking about The Dough Bros, Top 50 Pizza commented, "During the past 18 months, which have been so challenging for the worldwide restaurant sector, two brothers from Galway have transformed the roadblock of the health crisis into an opportunity. They never lost courage but instead perfected their takeaway service and even created a kit to make at home. Even the kit will produce one of the best pizzas in the country."

Dough Bros Pizza

"To be named as the top pizzeria in Ireland by The Top 50 Pizza Guide is a huge honour" said Eugene Greaney. "For us it's never about being the biggest. We have always focused on being the best we can be and making a real impact in Ireland and putting Irish Pizza on the map. Seeing The Dough Bros named as the Top Pizzeria in Ireland and No 27 in Europe alongside the likes of Beast in Copenhagen, 50 Kalo and Peppe in Paris (who was named No 1) felt like a real moment. Like we had arrived at a destination we have been working so hard to reach."

“Then to also be named as the best takeaway pizzeria in Europe alongside that was a great surprise. Last year when the restaurant closed, we had to switch to a takeaway and developed the kits also. When we opened as a takeaway, we did not want to do it for the sake of it, we aimed to provide the same level of standards and qualities we applied to the restaurant. It was challenging and hard work so to get this accolade as well as the awards above was the icing on the cake. We closed up for the night and watched the awards live with our staff. It was a night we won't forget!”

In June of this year. The Galway Brothers pizzeria also featured as no 27 on another Top 50 Pizzas in Europe list by the hugely popular travel site, Big Seven Travel. Despite the challenges faced over the past 18 months it has been an incredibly successful year for the Galway Pizzeria.

The success of the takeaway has changed the bros way of thinking. Now they hope to open a takeaway pizzeria in the city once they get their restaurant fully reopened. "We are coming out of this pandemic with a far more varied business model. Rather than rely on the restaurant model we hope to add a factory for our kits and a takeaway business so people can enjoy The Dough Bros pizza in different ways which is really exciting,” Ronan explained.

Dough Bros

The Dough Bros Restaurant on Galway's Middle Street is ran by brothers Eugene and Ronan Greaney with a team of 25. It's not the first time the Dough Bros' talent has been recognised at an international level: last year, they made history by being named in the prestigious 50 Top Pizza (Europe) for 2020, the first time the west of Ireland was featured in the awards.

Stay connected with The Dough Bros by checking them out across all social platforms or in house on Middle Street in Galway. Why not order The Dough Bros at Home Pizza Kits from ?!

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