Discover Galway’s Rich Whiskey Heritage on Whiskey Trail
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Discover Galway’s Rich Whiskey Heritage on Whiskey Trail

The Galway Whiskey Trail is back, along with a newly launched Galway Hooker Whiskey, inviting curious visitors and whiskey enthusiasts to embark on a journey through Galway's vibrant whiskey scene.

Galway Whiskey Trail is born from the fact that Whiskey was once Galway’s largest employer which carried the Galway name with pride and distinction around the world. The Persse Galway Whiskey Distillery was established in 1815 in Newcastle, Galway by Henry Stratford Persse. Now this trail, which showcases the city's finest whiskey bars and outlets, promises an immersive experience that combines the rich history of Galway's whiskey heritage with the opportunity to enjoy whiskeys from renowned distilleries from Ireland and across the world.

This Whiskey Trail offers an opportunity to delve into the captivating world of whiskey while exploring the streets of this historic city. Each stop along the trail has its own unique charm and story to tell, and whiskey lovers will be captivated by the diverse flavours and warm hospitality they encounter. The self-guided Whiskey Tour brings you to 12 locations that play a significant role in Galway's whiskey heritage. You choose your starting and finishing so suit yourself!

Galwya Hooker Whiskey Trail

In the Latin Quarter you will be warmly welcomed by the staff in Sonny Molloy's to savour a wide selection of premium whiskeys while immersing yourself in the rich history of the iconic Persse Distillery. Uncover the secrets of Galway's whiskey traditions at Freeneys as you explore their impressive selection of local and international whiskeys. Pop in to enjoy the cosy ambiance of Tigh Neachtain, where you can indulge in an extensive whiskey menu while revelling in the lively spirit of Galway's bustling Latin Quarter. Up the Street to the 800-year-old The Kings Head where you can sample rare whiskeys from around the world, all while surrounded by the captivating ambiance of one of Galway's oldest pubs. Step into Garavan's, a cherished whiskey establishment that has been delighting patrons for generations. Break from the pub scene and step into McCambridges, one of Galway’s oldest grocery stores, here you can engage in fascinating conversations about Galway's whiskey heritage while savouring the finest drams. Experience the lively atmosphere at Blake's Corner Bar and raise a glass at O'Connell's where they will uncover the stories behind each bottle and embrace the welcoming spirit of Galway. Just off Eyre Square is An Púcán and just steps away from the hidden gem that is Garvey's, a cosy whiskey bar where you can relax and enjoy a diverse array of whiskeys. As you head Back west a pit stop in The Dáil, a pub that exudes old-world charm and soak in the atmosphere that transports you to another era. Then across the bridge into Galway’s Westend where at Taylor's Bar there is a very Galway welcome and a fine selection of whiskeys awaiting.

The Galway Whiskey Trail can also be booked for guided groups. To find out more check out and get social @GalwayWhiskeyTrail on Instagram and Facebook.

Galway Hooker Whiskey Trail

In further exciting news for whiskey lovers this month, the Galway Hooker 8-Year-Old whiskey (43.3%) was officially launched, and customers can now enjoy this age-statement offering along the Galway Whiskey Trail, a fine whiskey that has been finished in a Banyuls cask from the Basque region.

Dark gold in colour, this unique blend delivers an intense fruit flavour that is complemented by spice notes, gentle vanilla qualities, and a delightful finish.

Whiskey drinkers are also sure to appreciate the beautiful, eye-catching bottle design which is inspired by the River Corrib, gorgeous Galway Bay, and the historic Galway Hooker boats which were once used by Galway locals as proud fishing vessels.

Ultimately, the Galway Hooker 8-Year-Old blend is a whiskey that deserves to be shared. Ideal for those who are keen to enjoy new experiences, diverse flavours, and invigorating sensations, this superior blend is certainly one for the whiskey lovers out there – but it’s also for anyone who wants to spend an evening reconnecting with old friends.

Galway Hooker Whiskey Trail

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