Cutting Edge Charm in Galway’s Poblacht
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Cutting Edge Charm in Galway’s Poblacht

Galway has an amazing scene for all things fashion and the newest barbershop, Poblacht is adding even more to the vibrant streets of Galway. This quirky spot, situated on William Street, is providing haircuts with a side of that Galway charm we all know and love. Co-owners, Evan Fahy and Cóilí Collins, are serving up haircuts of all shapes and sizes, with no style too simple or too crazy. Discover all about it here...

Galway born and bred, Evan and Cóilí have dreamt of starting up their own barbershop since before Covid. Last December, these dreams became reality when they were handed the keys to their barbershop. Looking back, they acknowledged how stressful it had been for them, telling me of how oblivious they were to that stress at the time. Cóilí described how moving back from London and starting a business was not an easy feat, but knows it was all worth it to get to live his "dream life.”

As we sat in the lime green barbers they joked about Cóilí’s willingness to be Evan’s guinea pig, describing times when ten people were all cutting his hair at once. The lads have a fantastic chemistry and described their friendship as “inevitable” and “meant to be.” The energy between the two is really what makes this place so special. The ethos the two live by; 'work hard, have fun and see what happens’ hasn’t let them down to date and the results of this speak for themselves. Business is booming!

From pop-ups in Australia to collaborations with other Galway companies, including the Claddagh Gems, this shop has been busy making its name for itself. The duo love to collaborate and are truly up for anything. They expressed their openness to future projects by saying: “It’s literally called Poblacht, and it’s for everyone. So if you're interested in doing something and it's cool, then we’d like to do it!” This passion can be seen in everything they do, hence the name ‘Poblacht’ which translates to ‘Republic’ in English; They wanted to create a space that wouldn’t alienate anyone, emphasising the fact that no matter the hairstyle they’ll do it. As barbers, they are extremely dedicated to perfecting their craft, Cóilí told me of a time when; “on his day off Evan came in, and I walked in the back and he's watching haircutting videos, because he knew someone had booked with him later in the week who wanted to get a similar haircut to it.”. Now that’s dedication!

Evan and Cóilí have both travelled far and wide, but rather than settle down in some far off place this duo were drawn back to their roots in Galway. They explained to me how there was no place in the world quite like Galway. (Which is true!) They went on to talk about how cutting hair was their bread and butter, but it was the people who made it. Saying: “I think with a lot of our customers, we consider them friends more so. Like, at the weekend you’ll bump into them and have a pint with them.” The enthusiasm that Evan and Cóilí have for Poblacht and the people they work with is truly inspiring. They have successfully created a space where everyone and anyone can feel welcome, experience the craic and walk out the door with a class new style.

So, if you are in need of a haircut, take our recommendation and head to William Street to visit these two sound and seriously talented lads. As they do their part to make Galway a more stylish and vibrant place one haircut at a time.

To learn more about Poblacht Barbershop and to book your next appointment with them, head on over Instagram @poblachtbarbershop

All photos by Ciarán MacChoncarraige.

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