Brother Theresa Presents: Feel Good Tunes

Brother Theresa Presents: Feel Good Tunes

We bring you closer to Galway's amazing musicians, songwriters and producers as they take us on a guided tour of their record collection

This time we are chatting to two of the best DJs on the circuit, who have joined forces to bring serious sounds to the people of Galway. Brother Theresa is a DJ collective, lovingly put together by Simon McDonagh and Dunners O'Sullivan. Individually, and together, they have performed and held residencies in venues such as the Róisín Dubh, The Blue Note, Electric, Massimo, the Big Romance, Lost Lane, the Sugar Club, Biteclub, De Burgos and Monroes Live. In the past they’ve shared stages with Detroit’s own Pontchartrain, Mother DJs, Mix and Fairbanks, Daithí, performed at Sea Sessions 2019 and guested on the last season of the infamous Disconaut boat parties. Brother Theresa specialise in Disco, RnB, Soul and House and they’ve recently moved into producing their own sounds. Their first track is a tribute to Galway stalworth, Keith Disconaut, and the Galway music scene in general. Have a listen HERE.

Brother Theresa Content

Brother Theresa is firmly rooted and influenced by Galway city and the West End. With this playlist, we have picked songs that remind us of our favourite nights out behind, and in front of, the decks with our loved ones in this great city. We’ve been lucky with Brother Theresa (despite the name!) to play some great gigs with great people and great crowds, we miss you and can’t wait to dance with you again soon....

The Vision feat. Andreya Triana - Heaven (Danny Krivit Edit)

Dunners: A ridiculously groovy bassline that struts between a beautiful vocal orchestrated by one of the best to ever put a needle on a record. It smacks of summer and the beginning of a night out. A wise man who runs a chapel for the disenfranchised and debauched at 3 William Street West once, while holding up heart hands for a picture at the altar, proselytized to us his grafters' and punters' love of “Songs with Words”. We at Brother Theresa have taken every opportunity to spread this short but effective gospel ever since. Praise be to the West.

Metronomy - Heartbreaker

Simon: Metronomy are pretty much the reason I took an interest in writing music. Using the sounds of everyday life over an indie pop song is the kind of creativity that really gets me going! That creaking noise just doesn't get old.

Lankum – Bear Creek

Dunners: A crack of hope in the darkness that was Lankum’s seminal “The Livelong Day” - hands down the best album (Irish or otherwise) of 2019. I was lucky enough to attend their NYE gig when they melded into this from the “Rocky Road To Dublin”. I’ve never felt a rise and swell of emotion like it at any gig and of course it would only happen in the backroom of sweet Róisín Dubh.

Kon & The Gang - Get it Together

Dunners: Sampling the most singalong pieces of Bobby Thurston's "Is Something Wrong With You", this has been a mainstay in the bag since my very first gig. Works particularly well in Massimo with sweaty walls and smiling faces and usually signals the point where Ken will let you nudge the volume up that little bit more.

LCD Soundsystem - Dance Yrself Clean

Simon: A long intro that nobody seems to mind as they wait for the sh*t to hit the fan. This track is the burden of all bar staff at the close of a night when they have to mop up the sticky, drink-laden floors caused by this James Murphy induced spillage.

ABBA - Does Your Mother Know

Simon: The best pop band of all time (IMO) with an absolute banger. As guilty pleasures go, I don't feel even slightly guilty about this one (even though the lyrics are a bit creepy).

Prince - Chelsea Rodgers

Dunners: A late career gem melding funk, rock and gospel in which the Purple One implores you to "Shake it like a Juicy Juice”. I played it one night and P Disco ran over smiling telling me it was his favourite Prince track…. do you need a more ringing endorsement?

Fouk - Coconuts

Simon: Dunners sent me this track on WhatsApp earlier this year and I have listened to it every single day since. Perfect layering of repetitive simple sounds to make an extraordinary song that can be played at any stage from 11 onward in the Blue!

Hot Chip – Dancing in the Dark

Dunners: Adding an electronic shuffle to the Springsteen classic, a meditation on isolation, frustration and loneliness. This one builds until it peaks with euphoric synths and a smattering of lyrics from another well-known song that you and all your friends know. This is the "one more tune" for now and for the next time.

Caribou - Can't Do Without You

Simon: The first song I ever put on a CD that I made with an intent to DJ. With a minute and a half intro, all you have to do is wait for the reaction of the punters when the euphoric crash of noise hits you and sends you all the way up to Supermacs and home.

Big Love and Virtual Hugs

Brother Theresa

Feature Photo by the fantastic Clodagh Walsh. Check out more of her shots on Instagram HERE

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