A Tipple of Micil: Gin Cocktails

A Tipple of Micil: Gin Cocktails

Hey, it's 5 o'clock somewhere! You definitely deserve a drink, especially if you are learning a new skill while you're at it! So as a little cocktail treat, Micil Distillery have spilt the beans on three mouth-watering ways to enjoy their award-winning gin from the comfort of your own home!

Micil C



50ml Micil Irish Gin
25ml fresh lemon juice
10ml simple sugar syrup
2 spoons of apricot jam
1 egg white
Peach Bitters
Slice of lemon peel


1. Fill your glass with ice to chill

2. Add Micil Irish Gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup, apricot jam, egg white, and a dash of peach bitters to a cocktail shaker and dry shake

3. Refill your glass with fresh ice and strain the cocktail mix over

4. Garnish with a slice of lemon peel and enjoy

Micil Cocktails



50ml Micil Irish Gin
A handful of fresh blueberries
30ml lemon juice
20ml simple sugar syrup
Premium soda water


1. Chill your slim Jim glass with ice

2. Add six blueberries to a cocktail shaker and muddle

3. Add in Micil Irish Gin, lemon juice and simple sugar syrup

4. Shake and strain into slim jim tumbler glass which you have filled with ice

5. Top up the glass with your choice of premium soda water

6. Garnish with the remaining blueberries

Micil Cocktail

Micil Martini


70 ml Micil Irish Gin
15ml dry vermouth
Lemon rind (to garnish)


1. Chill a Martini glass.

2. Add the Micil Irish Gin and dry vermouth to a cocktail stirring glass with ice.

3. Stir until the liquid doubles in height.

4. Strain into a chilled Martini glass and garnish with a twist of lemon rind.

More on Micil

Micil Distillery is Galway’s first distillery to open its doors in over 100 years, and is headed up by Pádraic Ó Griallais, a 6th generation distiller. The distillery traces its roots back to 1848, when Pádraic’s great-great-great grandfather, Micil Mac Chearra, began producing poitín from a small stillhouse in Connemara. Six generations and 170 years later, they continue to make spirits with the same love and care that their forefathers have always done. They produce a range of Poitín products made from 100% Irish grain, and their award-winning Micil Irish Gin. They distil now the same way they’ve always done, by hand and in small batches, using local Connemara botanicals and unique family recipes.

In Micil’s words: “Sláinte Mhaith!”

Enjoy Micil responsibly.

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