Youth Work Ireland's Irish Youth Music Awards (IYMAs) has released a passionate spoken word piece produced remotely throughout lockdown featuring young musicians from across the island of Ireland.

“What does music mean
To me?
Outside is a bomb
Inside is a storm
And I am A blank page
A coiled spring
A clean slate Waiting to create”

This video was produced through a series of online workshops, with the young creatives filming their own content for the piece. The aim of the video is to capture a snapshot of the magic and creativity that exists within young people across Ireland, and to provide a crucial creative outlet to IYMAs participants during this challenging year. The IYMAs programme works with youth groups and young people aged 12-19, providing hands-on music education, personal development and access to the creative and music industries in this country and beyond.


This year’s IYMAs programme will be run primarily online to continue to support young people to learn, have fun and create with industry workshops, activities and an online national event scheduled for later in the year. Last year’s national event featured masterclasses and discussions with Ireland's top industry professionals including RTÉ 2FM, Fontaines DC and Pillow Queens. Read more about last year's fantastic event HERE.

Barry Lennon, Irish Youth Music Awards Director said: “We produced this video for the Irish Youth Music Awards to capture the brilliant creativity that exists across the island of Ireland and to show how music is such an important force to understand, create and be part of a community, especially in these uncertain times. It was so exciting to develop this project during the lockdown and create a sense of togetherness among IYMAs participants. This year we will primarily run the IYMAs online and we are encouraging young people and youth groups interested in engaging in the programme to get in touch.”

To date over 100,000 young people have taken part in and benefited from the Irish Youth Music Awards (IYMAs). After a review of those involved in the IYMAs programme last year it was identified that 86% of those engaged in the programme are within CSO/POBAL deprivation scoring areas. Two Galway bands have won the IYMA in recent years, JANAJ and 60 Watt Girl.