Wire Sculptor Glenn Gibson begins work on a New Project for Galway in 2024
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Wire Sculptor Glenn Gibson begins work on a New Project for Galway in 2024

Glenn Gibson is a self-taught Irish artist and teacher of wire sculpture who is now working on a special new project which will be held in Galway in 2024. Find out more here...

Spanning two decades, Glenn Gibson's work explores themes of mysticism, consciousness and the natural world. For the last six years Glenn has been the Creative Director for Art in Mind, Galway’s artist led non-profit organisation that is dedicated to promoting mental wellbeing through creative practice. Now Glenn is launching One, an immersive sculpture installation engaging all senses which will launch in September 2024.

What started as a hobby became a vital therapeutic tool to combat life's more difficult times. Combined with a meditation practice, Glenn discovered that this focused activity began to untie all the knots in his mind, giving clear and calm periods where creativity poured from him. "It was the only time in my day where the chatter of my brain would abate, my stress and anxiety would fade and time dilate. I had accidentally stepped into a flow state, and have been fascinated with it ever since," explains Glenn.

Glenn Gibson Wire Sculptor

One & The 108

Glenn's new work, One explores the illusion of separation in three parts. "In an ever 'connected’ world, we find more and more people experiencing loneliness and feelings of isolation. The first part explores the sensation of being surrounded by people and still feeling alone, while at the same time offering a perspective shift to realise that everything is interconnected and that we all participate in the creation of our experience," explained Glenn.

In many cultures 108 is a sacred number. According to the mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci (who was born around A.D. 1170 and after whom the Fibonacci sequence is (nick)named), it is believed that the number 108 has a way of representing the wholeness of existence. This subject will be explored more throughout the installation. "The reason I chose to use this number is an entire rabbit hole in itself but suffice to say, 108 is a sacred number. According to Vedic cosmology, 108 is the basis of creation and represents the universe and all our existence. In yoga, the number 108 refers to spiritual completion. That's the reason why malas used for japa (silent repetition of a mantra) are composed of 108 beads."

The 108 are the core supporters of this project. For more information, to get involved and or to support check out 108.ie

Who is Glenn Gibson?

Glenn Gibson is a self taught, professional artist, specialising in sculpture and working with various types of wire and found objects. "I often refer to myself as an accidental artist, because it was not something I trained for, it was something intuition led me to."

"More than 20 years ago, while working as a facilities and project manager for an American tech company, I busied my hands playing with a bowl of giant paper clips while on a particularly long conference call. By the end of the call a little figure had emerged, but what happened next hooked me; someone asked if they could have it."

"As I focused more on my work I began to feel something I had never experienced before. I was not sure what it was at first, but it made me curious. I used this practice to overcome addiction and gain insights into myself, it was working in the studio that helped me come to terms with grief, and it was within the stillness of my practice that I began to understand our connection to everything. My life has been transformed and enriched with the practices of creativity and meditation. I want to share my creative practice with as many people as possible in the hopes that others will connect with it in the same way I have."

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