New CCTV cameras at Barna Woods leave locals spooked

New CCTV cameras at Barna Woods leave locals spooked

Doggers countywide were in uproar this morning following a proposal to install Security Cameras at popular hotspot, Barna Woods...

Happy April Fools Day!! Did we get you?

Mr Hanley of Claregalway (who wished to remain nameless) is an active member of both In Galway Doggers We Trust and Bark side of the Moon, and he said; "People don’t seem to realise that Dogging has been happening in Ireland since the 1800s... Doggers have feelings too you know?! These cameras are an invasion of our privacy and I can only hope that the lenses have a long exposure."

Doggers Barna Galway

A spokesperson for City Hall has responded with the following statement:

"These people are bringing down the good name of the county and we must expose them whilst they expose themselves. Only last week, whilst driving, I came across a new Dogging site. Wanting to see what all the fuss was about I decided to join in! It was OK but unfortunately I failed my driving test!"

Doggers from across Ireland are expected to march through Eyre Square this coming Sunday. Those in cars are encouraged to toot their horns in solidarity. Will you be joining them?

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