WATCH: New Music Video for Christmas in Galway

WATCH: New Music Video for Christmas in Galway

Irish vocal duo, The Púcas have just released a new Christmas song about this magical time of year in Galway. Watch the music video here...

The Púcas are thrilled to announce the release of their debut Christmas single, Christmas in Galway. The beautifully crafted, emotive Christmas anthem blends the heart of Irish traditional music with a quintessential Christmas sound.

Fergal O’Hanlon, a native of Galway, and Adam O’Shea, from Waterford, are longtime friends who came up with the idea for the song while wandering the streets of Galway during the Christmas season. The duo's harmonious voices and poignant lyrics capture the essence of Christmas in Galway, a time of year when the city comes alive with festive cheer and heartwarming traditions.

"We were inspired by the magic of Christmas in Galway, a city that truly embodies the spirit of the season," said Fergal O’Hanlon. "We wanted to write a song that would capture the feeling of nostalgia, joy, and togetherness that we associate with Christmas in our hometown."

Christmas in Galway is a heartwarming tribute to the city of Galway and the special memories that are made there during the Christmas season. The song is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever experienced the magic of Christmas in a small town.

The Púcas blend traditional Irish music with contemporary sounds to create a unique and captivating sound. Their music is inspired by their Irish heritage and the beauty of the Irish traditions.

The duo are excited to share their debut Christmas single with the world and hope that it brings joy and happiness to listeners during the holiday season. The song is available for download on all major streaming platforms and you can watch the music video below.

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