Watch: New Live Video from Galway Artist Daithí

Watch: New Live Video from Galway Artist Daithí

One of Galway's finest songwriters and producers has just released a spell-binding music video for a live performance of An Irish Goodbye. Watch it here...

Daithí has always created music on the edge; on the edge of traditional and modern, on the edge of party-pop and quiet introspection. This particular creation was born on the very edge of our modern, technological age. During the first lockdown, Daithí live-streamed an improvised songwriting session where he created a brand new track step-by-step with interaction and feedback from the audience.

While An Irish Goodbye was being dreamt up in front of viewer's eyes, one such viewer was weaving another strand of the story. Clare Sands was in the chat room and wrote some beautiful violin pieces to accompany the music she was hearing. She sent them over email to Daithí and he mixed them in live on the stream. This full version of the song was then captured beautifully on video in the 'Beekeepers' artist retreat in Ballyvaughan, Co.Clare as part of TG4’s Samhlú series.

"I had never met Clare in person before, so getting together to record this piece when restrictions relaxed was an amazing experience. One thing I’ve been missing a lot is meeting new people. You don’t realise how important it is until it’s gone. Allyn Quigley, the director did a fantastic job working with Mintesinot Wolde to amplify the song through dance", said Daithí O’Dronai when reflecting on the project.

The stunning music is treated with the utmost respect in this wonderful short-film put together by Director Allyn Quigley and his crew of Aisling Malone (Producer), Evan Barry (DoP), Steadicam Op Roman Bugovskiy, Focus Puller David Qualter and Anthony Quinn on Stage Lighting. Quigley gave some insight in to what he wanted to capture with this project. "The aim was to create something that celebrated art and the resilience of self expression during a pandemic. The track itself was born out of the limitations imposed during the first lockdown and the video features Daithí and his band performing the song together in the same room for the first time ever. This is in tandem with a dance performance by the brilliant Mintesinot Wolde that represents this idea of creativity emerging from isolation."

Daithí is an electronic music producer obsessed by the culture of Ireland. He is signed to Galway record label, Strange Brew. Find out more about this unique artist HERE.

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