Time-honoured Chinese Cuisine Made with Love at Ré Nao
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Time-honoured Chinese Cuisine Made with Love at Ré Nao

Situated by Galway’s historic Spanish Arch,  Ré Nao is an award-winning authentic Xi’an Chinese Restaurant that has gained its reputation thanks to its appetising array of Chinese and Malaysian cuisine which features across its diverse and delicious menus.

We recently got the chance to sit down with Chef Andy to discuss the dishes at Ré Nao and to learn a bit more about the person behind the cuisine.

Andy’s love for cooking began at a young age, inspired and encouraged by his father, who was himself a chef in Dalian, North East China. Andy told us that seeing his father at work made him want to follow in his footsteps and become a chef as well. “My dad, he worked in a small restaurant in a hotel in China and he taught me a little bit so he started me off [as a chef]”. Andy’s life as a chef began over 40 years ago and he still loves working with food to this day. He remarked that it was always cool to watch his dad work and this passion and love for cooking has never left him, adding that to see people enjoy his food means a lot to him, “I feel very proud” he adds.

The menus at Ré Nao comprise of time-honoured Chinese and Malaysian dishes and recipes that are made with a genuine love for the cuisine and its tradition. Adding to the experience at Ré Nao is its open kitchens, which gives guests an opportunity to see the hard-work and care that goes into making each delightful meal. Andy talked us through how much time goes into preparing each unique dish to ensure that they are all infused with delicious textures and bold flavours. Two dishes that caught our attention are the red braised pork belly and the biang biang noodles. For the red braised pork belly, the chefs take precise steps in slow cooking the pork in a combination of aromatic spices, ginger, garlic, chillies and sugar glaze, to give it its mouth-watering flavours. Their famous handmade Xi’an biang biang noodles, which are a popular and local dish in the Shaanxi province, are named for the sound made when the large belt-like noodle dough is slapped against the counter as they are pulled. The result is an extremely long, thick noodle with loads of delicious toppings. This really is the perfect comfort food! During our visit, I enjoyed their jiaozi/dumplings, which was the perfect lunchtime dish and I highly recommend it to all visiting Ré Nao.

The name of the restaurant itself beautifully relays what Ré Nao is. A place that is lively and fun, that everyone can enjoy time and again. ‘Ré’ is an Irish word conveying a time, age or era, and ‘Nao’ a Chinese word meaning lively.

Ré Nao is open seven days a week, from 12pm to 11pm. Here, they’ve got something for everyone, as they offer both gluten free and Halal options as well as a full vegan menu with its own separate kitchen area. Additionally, their beautifully decorated bar offers an exciting selection of cocktails, which features the ever-popular alcoholic bubble tea drinks. They are the only spot in Galway serving them so you know you have to try it when you visit!

Once you’ve fallen in love with all they are bringing to the table, be sure to check out its two sister businesses, Xi’an Street Food and Ré Tea which can also be visited just a short stroll from Ré Nao. For more information on any of the above and to check out their menus, please see their website at https://renaorestaurant.ie/.

All photos courtesy of Ré Nao

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