The Galway Tattoist Q&A #3
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The Galway Tattoist Q&A #3

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The annual Galway Tattoo Show brings thousands of tattoo fans to the windy Wesht. But, despite the plethora of international artists that will be in attendance and tattooing from the festival for the weekend, Galway has a very successful tattoo industry all of it's own, and has nurtured some of Ireland's best tattoo artists along the way.

With that in mind This is Galway caught up with a few of Galway's best tattoo artists for a chat about Galway, why they do what they do, what drives them and a few other random questions.

Our third interview in this weeks series of Q&A's with Galway tattoo artists is with Gordon Carney from G's Tattoos on Shop Street...


Q. How long have you been tattooing and when did you set up in Galway?

A. I have been tattooing for 18 years, and have been tattooing in Galway for the last 14 years.

Q. Tell us about your studio and your preferred style of tattooing.
A. We operate a relaxed and friendly studio. We have a wide variety of clients, from the heavily tattooed to the first timer. Honesty and good advise are what we offer our clients.
Q. How did you get into tattooing in the first place?
A. I got my first break in tattooing back in 1998 in Limerick with Vinny Higgins in Vinny's Tattoo Studio.
Q. Who or what influences your work?
A. I love most styles of tattooing; from old to new. The old masters are great and some of the new talent out there is just amazing. I love to tattoo Celtic, Japanese and dot work.
Q. What’s the worst tattoo that you have? Or do you love them all in equal measures?
A. Tough one... All of my tattoos are like a diary of my time spent tattooing; be they good or bad, they are all a part of me now!

Q. What advice would you give to somebody coming in to get their first tattoo from you?

A. Research, research, research! The most important thing you have on your side before you get your fist tattoo is time. Use it wisely.

Q. What is the tattoo that you’ve done that most sticks out in your mind, or that you’re most proud of?

A. The great thing about working in a studio, is that you get to meet some very brave people who wish to express very significant moments of there life in a tattoo; be it remembering a lost one, or celebrating a life victory. I see it as a great privalige that they trust me to mark the moment with my work!
Q. What’s the latest trend in tattoos, and do you wish that it would go away?
A. Every year brings a new trend, I blame tv. However, it's up to the artist to be professional, and make sure that whatever design is being applied is done in an ethical and professional manner.
Q. Galway has been in the news a lot recently for all the right reasons. What is it about Galway that you love?
A. Galway is a melting pot of arts and culture, whats not to love! Galway as a city has still managed to retain a small town feel where everybody knows everybody...

You can see more from Gordon at G's Tattoos by checking out his page on our website here, or by heading over to his Facebook and Instagram pages which are listed below.

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