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GALWAY has so many stories to tell

Having found your favourite spots to see on your next visit to Galway, it’s time to put the wheels in motion. Share your discoveries with your friends and family, get booking and prepare for an incredibly memorable trip.


Hangover Cures to Heal Your Head in Galway

And… you’ve done it again. You said just one and now the head is pounding and you passed out fully clothed – it’s time to leave the cans and take care of that headache. We’ve all been there, so try out some of our advice in this ultimate guide to curing your hangover. If you want to know where you can go and what to do when your head is pounding and you’re struggling to form coherent thoughts, just keep on reading…

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Discover West Galway: Eat, Sleep, Do

Head to Connemara for a relaxing weekend retreat, or an adventure-filled escape from reality. From the wide panorama of Killary Fjord to the picturesque town of Clifden nestled in among the mountains, Connemara gets more beautiful at every turn, and has something to do for everyone.

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