Salthill’s Meeting Place; The Creamery
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Salthill’s Meeting Place; The Creamery

Catering to every taste, The Creamery brings an appetising range of food and drink together in a casual, inviting space. Located along Salthill’s famous promenade, this café & bistro welcomes a buzz of both tourists and locals alike all year round.

The Creamery’s relaxed and friendly atmosphere makes them the perfect place to enjoy some breakfast, lunch or late evening snack. In the evenings, the open bistro area fills with cheerful conversations and low music creating the casual vibe that The Creamery has become famous for. This ensures that everyone can enjoy a bespoke dining experience, whether that is a coffee and snack, some sharing tapas, or a hearty post-prom walk feed. The seafront facing outdoor patio is the place to be if you want to soak up the lively bustle of Salthill and watch the sunset over Galway Bay while enjoying delicious food and drink.

The interchangeable food menus are available all day long and consist of all your favourites including; homemade waffles, crépes, salads, crispy potato skins, pastas, hot chicken wings and a range of toasted sourdough sandwiches which include their famous BBQ ‘Low & Slow’ pulled pork sambo. To complement their amazing array of dishes, they have an equally impressive assortment of drinks, including everything from teas, coffees, affogatos, fresh juices and smoothies to wines and beers. If you fancy enjoying The Creamery on the go, they have a fantastic selection of takeaway pastries, premium Irish-made ice-creams and their 99s ice cream cones are considered some of Connacht’s finest.

In the months ahead, keep your eyes peeled for new additions to The Creamery, as they have loads of treats planned for you all, including live music performances, a new smoothie bar and more. Stay tuned;

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