Nostalgic New Multi-Sensory Podcast stirs up Memories

Nostalgic New Multi-Sensory Podcast stirs up Memories

Promenade the Podcast is now available to listen and stream wherever you get your podcasts!

"Memories and the stories they trigger can be actual real life time travel"

A collection of sixteen stories from around the world dealing with memory and the stories they trigger - from the sound of the sea reminding you of an old romance, the smell of a perfume in Paris making you yearn for home or a bar of soap reminding you of a loved one - memories can be triggered by the oddest of things!

In Promenade, writers, comedians, poets and songwriters from all around the world explore those moments where a song, smell or noise can bring you back to a moment in time. This podcast was was born “from both love and curiosity of nostalgia and a love of hearing a person’s story,” explained creator Andy Gaffney.

Andy Gaffney

Talking on how Promenade came about, Andy said: “When making my other podcast Be Grand, a show about what made a person who they are today, I loved how just listening to someone’s story could bring you to places you didn’t expect to hear and that the person might not have expected to tell you. With Promenade I thought it would be interesting if you focused more on that - removed the interviewer all together and just had one voice and the story they wanted to tell."

"While this process began almost two years ago it was only during lockdown that the idea really began to take hold. A lot of people around the world found themselves alone with their stories, taking stock and looking back so it seemed like the perfect time to make this project. I know for myself it meant a lot of days working on this and running on the promenade in Salthill in Galway."

Promenade is available from November 2nd on all podcast platforms including your main two, Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and also on Get social on Instagram and Twitter @promenadestories and @gottheshift.

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