New Galway Oyster Bar Opens in Woodquay
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New Galway Oyster Bar Opens in Woodquay

McSwiggan's is celebrating the beloved oyster and its long-running festival in true style by officially launching Galway’s newest Oyster bar!

The launch is to mark their involvement on the Seafood Trail as part of the Galway International Oyster Festival 2022. The festival kicks off this Friday 23rd September, with The McSwiggan's Oyster bar being shucked open at 4pm. The Oyster bar will be fully stocked with Dooncastle Oysters over ice and customers will be able to enjoy Oysters as is or with a mignonette dressing.

McSwiggan's Oyster Bar

Dooncastle Oysters are the main Oyster supplier for McSwiggan's and will be on hand all weekend as part of the Seafood Trail. Pair the oysters with a creamy pint of Guinness or choose one of the bottles from the extensive wine cellar. The launching of the Oyster Bar downstairs in McSwiggan's is to celebrate seafood and to offer people in Galway the opportunity to enjoy Oysters in a very casual setting. Pop in for one or six, enjoy on a high stool or seated throughout the bar where suits you.

Irish Seafood will be king this weekend with a crock of Mussels served with twice-cooked, skin-on fries or a plank of prawns served with the very traditional Marie rose sauce. The menu will also include fish and chips as well as Seafood Chowder and their home made brown bread.


The landmark bar and restaurant has been a part of Galway life for over 30 years, evolving from a lively country store trading potatoes in the iconic Woodquay Market to now being a welcoming place to eat the best of what Ireland has to offer on a plate. Working with local suppliers and producers like Dooncastle Oysters is why McSwiggan's has held its place on the very reputable Galway food scene map.

“I began as an assistant to oyster farmers, learning how to maintain and care for stock. In each farm I worked in I was taught something new and from this I developed my own technique. I decided rather than mass producing I would bring quality to the market, through this my oysters acquired their unique flavour, “explained John McHugh Owner of Dooncastle Oysters.

McSwiggan's Oyster Bar

McSwiggan's Oyster Bar will be open from 4pm this Friday 23 September and will be a permanent feature in the bar even after Galway Internation Oyster Festival has ended. For more information pop in to this iconic restaurant, check out McSwiggans on Facebook and Instagram, visit their website or phone 091-568917.

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