New Film by Galway Brothers to Screen at Film Fleadh
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New Film by Galway Brothers to Screen at Film Fleadh

Morgan Brothers, an independent production company based in Galway, are thrilled to have their newest feature film 'Froggie' screening at the Galway Film Fleadh on Wednesday, 10th of July, at 9pm, in the Town Hall Theatre. Find out more about this heart-warming production here...

'Froggie' is a heartwarming comedy, told primarily through Irish. 'Froggie' explores the complex emotional connections between brothers, the importance of creativity, and the artist’s journey. The film, which features the incomparable Carrie Crowley (An Cailín Ciúin) and Seán T. Ó Meallaigh (Vikings), is set in Galway and showcases not only the beautiful cityscapes, but also the abundant local skill, with a predominantly Galway-based cast and crew!

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Fiachra and Tadgh peaked at the age of 7 when they appeared on TV to sing a song with their homemade Frog puppet. 25 years later, they must team up again when, one day, Froggie is kidnapped!

The world is pulling the brothers apart. Tadgh plans to marry his rich fiance, while Fiachra secretly lives in the storage bunker that contains the contents of their childhood home. Fiachra knows his biggest fear is close: his brother will abandon him, and he will have to take a dreaded "9-5". Suddenly, to make matters worse, Froggie is stolen. A ransom video appears online of their puppet gagged with ducttape and holding up a placard with demands. And so, Fiachra and Tadgh team up to rescue their childhood puppet from the anonymous thief. Froggie becomes an unexpected celebrity. While working together, Tadgh and Fiachra remember the simple joy of brotherly camaraderie. But there are unresolved issues between the brothers that have yet to come to the fore. The stage is set for an explosive, hilarious adventure about the struggles of the artistic journey. But above all, 'Froggie' is an honest, quirky story about brotherly love for all the family.

Like the protagonists of the film, the creators of this film are also Galway-based brothers who are striving to share their passion, love and art with a wider audience.

About Morgan Brothers
We are award-winning creative producers from the West Coast of Ireland. Our projects are ambitious in scope, yet love is at the centre of everything we do. We are a bilingual company and are passionate about the Irish language. Our short film “The Boat” is currently on the festival trail worldwide, and has already won several awards, including the prestigious Gran Prix Irish Short Award at Cork Film Festival, and the Light in Motion Award at Foyle Film Festival (Academy Award®-Qualifying for 2025).

You can learn all about their projects and check out some materials from 'Froggie' by visiting

Browse the full Galway Film Fleadh programme at and book your tickets for Froggie HERE.

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