McSwiggan’s Restaurant announce new Winter Menu
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McSwiggan’s Restaurant announce new Winter Menu

A landmark of Woodquay, McSwiggan’s Restaurant has consistently provided guests with satiating entrees in an atmospheric and inviting setting. With their brand new winter menu, they are bringing bold and classic flavours to the table, with only the freshest seasonal ingredients.

New additions to the menu include; a nourishing gnocchi with a creamy mushroom sauce, a crisp salmon fillet paired with a deep chorizo topping, and for a sweet dish, a date and apple pudding with rum raisin ice cream. The new menu has been curated by the exceptionally talented team in McSwiggan's, led by their new head chef, Kenneth Leyden.

Chef Leyden

As the seasons change, this new menu is a celebration of all the intense and wholesome flavours of autumn and winter. McSwiggan's is renowned for their excellent seafood menu, and their new salmon dish is no exception from this accolade. Resting atop a crispy golden spud, the salmon is cooked to absolute perfection - flakey and served with a healthy drizzle of a creamy chorizo sauce overtop. Incredibly appetising, the dish is paired with bright greens and a vegetable purée.


The new gnocchi is rich with a bold mushroom sauce, and incredibly nourishing and cosy. With pillowy gnocchi cooked to perfection saturated with all the amazing mushroom flavours. This dish is velvety and an exceptional highlight from their new menu. The gnocchi is served with breadcrumbs and peppery rocket on top, cutting through the rich flavour, creating a perfect balance of taste.


For dessert, the creamy date and apple pudding is perfect punctuation to the meal. The pudding is served with a rum raisin ice cream that has an incredible depth and flavour. Decadent and satisfying, this dessert is absolutely stunning.


McSwiggan’s atmospheric and comfortable interior makes it the perfect haven for these wintry days we’re starting to experience. For over 40 years now, McSwiggan’s has been a staple in the Galway community. The staff is exceptional and incredibly kind, tailoring to a unique and consistently amazing dining experience. Chef Leyden has created and perfected this delicious new autumnal menu, making McSwiggan’s the ultimate choice for your winter dining. Be sure to visit McSwiggan’s Restaurant soon, to try the new menu for yourself!

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