Lots of Christmas Secrets to uncover in TG4’s Ros na Rún
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Lots of Christmas Secrets to uncover in TG4’s Ros na Rún

There’s Christmas secrets, gifts, mistletoe, make ups, break ups and some very serious revelations in TG4’s Ros na Rún this festive season! Find out more here...

Annette feels the absolute need to drop an unwanted Christmas gift of reality into poor Réailtín’s lap with new information about when she was kidnapped years ago. A completely and utterly shocked Réailtín is adamant that the truth of her story is delivered for Christmas with no more cloak and dagger or hiding.

Caitriona seeks David’s advice, will this create more friction for him with Annette? Will they get through Christmas without arguing about why Annette can’t keep her opinions to herself. St Stephen’s Night brings a lot to head for all!

Ros Na Run Christmas

Malachaí continues to be the Scrooge of Ros na Rún’s Christmas for both Sadie and her beloved Sorcha who calls him out on his manipulative, deceitful mind games. Tadhg has set Sadie straight after her serious stint in hospital and for once Sadie is ready to take on Malachaí while Sorcha is not afraid to protect her mother. Will it be a Dickens Christmas Carol for Malachaí, Sadie and Sorcha and will Malachaí finally be found out?

There’s always mistletoe at Christmas and a little festive Ros na Rún romance. It’s apparently under the mistletoe for Manus and Natasha as they appear very flirtatious much to Ché’s annoyance. He’s very put out by Manus’s manner with his sister and his lies and Ché may throw one of his melodramatic walk outs for Christmas, that’s unless Sonny walks in on some cosy festive coupling!

Mack, despite all of his current stress, finds himself under the mistletoe this Christmas but with whom? Is there a new New Year ahead for troubled Mack. Garda Diana on the other hand is showing a short fuse and a little more outward tension! Has Santa left her a gift under the tree?

Ros na Rún, the village of so many secrets, will this Christmas showcase what can in many cases be a rather stressful time of year for many people, with domestic strife, abuse, lies and deceit, lurking under the bright shine and wrapping of the perceived perfection of the Christmas season. What is for many a season full of cheer, romance, fun and frolics can also be a time of extreme loneliness, fear and strife. Ros na Rún’s excellent story writers bring both sides of the Christmas coin to TG4 screens this season leaving loyal fans on the edge of their seats and with many questions. Broadcasting on St Stephen’s Night 26th and Thursday 28th of December. The omnibus will broadcast on New Years Eve. Ros na Rún will then bound into the New Year on Tuesday 2nd and Thursday 4th January 2024 with more dramatic stories.

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