Like old movies? You’ll love Cinephile Paradiso…

Like old movies? You’ll love Cinephile Paradiso…

Do you like old movies? You're gonna love Cinephile Paradiso and their two upcoming events! Find out more here...

Cinephile Paradiso is a classic cinema collective which is made up of a monthly film club at Pálás Cinema, classic cinema events in cool venues around town and lots of other film collaborations in Galway.

Hot Girl Summer at The Silent Cinema

Every third Saturday from May to August, join the crew at The Silent Cinema for an unforgettable lineup of films featuring four iconic silent film stars: Joan Crawford, Clara Bow, Greta Garbo, and Gloria Swanson. From gripping tales of horror, love and deception to heart-wrenching dramas of scandal and sacrifice, rediscover the early works of Hollywood's golden age and the women that made it golden.

The second screening in the HOT GIRL SUMMER series is 'It' starring Clara Bow, showing at Silent Cinema & Film Studio on Dominick Street on Saturday 15th of June with tickets available from

Easy Rider at Cinephile Paradiso

Later, Cinephile Paradiso’s monthly classic cinema club takes place in Pálás Cinema & Bar.

Each month they handpick a classic film to watch on the big screen, followed by a discussion in the bar. Whether you’re a lover of screwball comedies, dark noirs, John Ford westerns, colourful MGM musicals, European auteurs, there is something for you on the first Thursday of every month at Cinephile Paradiso.

For their next installment on June 6th at 6.30pm, get ready to hit the road as Cinephile Paradiso presents 'Easy Rider' starring Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson. The film offers a raw depiction of the tensions of 1960s America, including the rise of hippie culture, drug use, and communal living. 'Easy Rider' is celebrated as a touchstone for a generation that challenged the norm.

Tickets are available via the Pálás Box Office or online HERE.

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