Kaleidos: Emer Whelan launches new art collection
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Kaleidos: Emer Whelan launches new art collection

Emer Whelan, the creative force behind Emer Whelan Art, is launching her summer collection 'Kaleidos' which marries a lakeside tranquillity with urban vibrancy. Find out more here...

At the heart of Emer’s artistic expression lies her innovative use of lasers, transforming wooden canvases into dynamic works of art. The collection of 15 pieces will be launched at The West End Art Collective in Galway's Westend on 13th July at 6pm.

Emer Whelan Art

Originally from Cahir Pier on Lough Mask but now calling Galway City home, Emer infuses her surroundings into her art, capturing the essence of the lake and the energy of the urban.

Each piece exudes energy and vitality, reflecting Emer’s vision and passion for exploring the boundaries of traditional mediums. With Emer Whelan designs, you embark on a journey where colours dance on wood, breathing life into spaces and lighting the imagination. From her studio in Galway, Emer continues to push the boundaries inviting us to experience the beauty and vibrancy of her creations.

Pieces start from €375 and are available to view on www.emerwhelanart.com

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