Jezahel is going international (and to Cork bai!)
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Jezahel is going international (and to Cork bai!)

The beloved play, which has been a huge hit with Galway audiences, will do a four-show run at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August as well as shows around Ireland this Summer! Find out more here...

Jezahel - Vampires Can't Weld has left Galway audiences in tears of laughter and nostalgia ever since it debuted for Culture Night last year. There have been multiple sell-out shows in bigger and bigger venues since then, but the cast and crew are now ready to take their biggest step yet! This play is kicking off its Irish tour in The Pavilion in Cork on Friday May 3rd, followed by a hometown show in Galway's newly re-opened Electric Nightclub and a trip to the big smoke for The Workman's in Dublin on August 16th before embarking on a four-show run in The Mash House, Edinburgh from August 19th-22nd. Upon their return, Jezahel will perform at The Bernard Shaw in Dublin on Friday October 25th. Book tickets to their shows HERE.

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About Jezahel
If you like “Theatre Darling” you will hate this.
A co-production between The Blue Note Bar Galway and HystERia Teatar, written by Malachy Duggan and directed by Emily Aherne, Jezahel tells the tale of the age old battle between Vampires and Dinosaurs.

Can a band of ageing ravers stay up past their bedtime for one more night to try and save the day?

This one hour play delves deep into '90s nostalgia and hammers a square stake into the circle of life. Molly, Phil, Mandy, Top Knot & Disco are desperate to relive their clubbing youth. The babysitters are booked and they head out after dark for the first time in too long. All they want to do is reminisce about Lebowskis, The Brogue, Nancys and Fred Zepplins and maybe see if they can still remember how to dance like they did in Sir Henry's back in the day.

However, the music's too loud, they can't find a seat and they just don't get what the kids are into these days.

All this before they realise that the beautiful young people are vampires led by Jezahel; an old flame with an axe to grind... Preferably into Phil’s neck!

What follows is a laugh-a-minute time travelling romp soundtracked to a 4/4 beat.

Read an interview with The Irish Times HERE to get a feel for what it's all about.

Find out more about Jezahel and book a ticket for a show near you via

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