Hartmann Jewellers; Forging connection in Galway and beyond

Hartmann Jewellers; Forging connection in Galway and beyond

Since 1945, this family business Hartmanns of Galway has provided the west with the finest wedding rings, engagement rings, and luxury jewellery. As a family owned business, they continue to forge lasting relationships with their customers. With a dedication to giving the couples who walk through their doors the best possible experience, Hartmann’s go above and beyond time after time.

Presently Hartmann’s is run by husband and wife team Richard and Edwina Hartmann. Richard says there’s always been an emphasis on providing their clientele with a truly personalised and wonderful experience when picking out engagement or wedding rings. “Our emphasis is on local business and engagement. Engagement rings and wedding rings are a huge part of what we do…We’re trying to provide our customers with the most memorable experience we can. Obviously we’re very lucky, people who come in here are usually on a high… It's something they’re excited to do. We want to give them the full experience.”
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As a part of this experience, couples are given the chance to meet with the experts at Hartmann’s, and spend an afternoon picking out their engagement ring in the private diamond viewing room. This luxurious and personalised chance to spend time with your loved one picking out a ring is truly special, and something you don’t see elsewhere. By fostering these connections, Hartmann’s creates a comfortable and love-filled environment for each and every person. “We hope to build a relationship with them so they’ll come back and maybe buy anniversary presents,” says Richard. “I suppose that’s what we’re about. We’re not just a touristy shop where someone comes in and buys something and we never see them again, we’re trying to build a lasting relationship with our customers.”
Private diamond viewing room in Hartmanns
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Much like the family business, these lasting relationships span generations. “...People really tend to remember you and come back. A couple years ago, a husband and wife came in to say hello. They had gotten the engagement ring with my grandfather over 50 years ago. You often get people you haven't seen in years, and they come back because this is where they got engaged.” The Hartmann family have not only mastered the craft of long lasting relationships, but the extensive ring and fine jewellery selection show they are truly experts in their field.
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Walking around the shop, it’s easy to become mesmerised by the glittering glamour of all the jewellery. The cases are filled with stunning pieces that will make the perfect gift for someone you truly care for. Elegant and polished, the shop is the obvious place to find that special token for yourself or a loved one. “The business has evolved over the years.” With decades of experience under their belt, and many more to come, Hartmann’s continues to endure, and be known as one of the leading Irish jewellers. “The family element [of the business] is really important,” says Richard. They hope to continue to grow the business, and be a part of the enduring and love filled moments of their customers, both from the past and those to come.

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